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You might notice the first and most obvious change is the name itself. For years, we've been petitioning to get you to call us 'moviepilot', and for years, we have failed. MoviePilot / Movie Plot/ Movie Pilot? Time to cut our losses and go with the masses - you can now officially call us 'Movie Pilot', and we have an awesome new re-design to go with it. Congratulations - democracy in action!

New Look Movie Pilot
New Look Movie Pilot

However, as we've re-launched our platform, there are a couple more important things you should know about the direction we're headed, and how this will affect you as a reader, a Creator - or both. Firstly, you may have heard that we're branching out; Movie Pilot is now one of four new websites, each with a different focus, brand, and audience. Our Creators told us they wanted to write about more than just movies, so we're building our fan-centric media company around the content they want to see, and create. More on that later!

What content will Movie Pilot promote?

Movie Pilot began as a publisher for movie fans to consume the latest movie entertainment-news. We soon realized, though, that the people who really know what they want to read are the fans themselves, so we grew into an open-posting platform where we provided a dedicated audience, and fans dictated the content and wrote about it themselves.

With our re-launch comes a renewed focus on movie and television content, although steering away from simple news drops and focussing on original content, from the wackiest fan theories to the more thoughtful, in-depth pieces - Movie Pilot in-house writers and Creators will cover it all.

The three cornerstones of promotable content.
The three cornerstones of promotable content.

We want the tone of Movie Pilot to evolve and really reflect what we're all about - unique, shareable and high-quality content that fans want to read. For Creators, this means that where previously your content would automatically live on Movie Pilot after you hit 'publish', we'll now curate the best, most relevant articles over to the site and the very best to the home page, making sure it fits the tone, style, and voice of the website.

Why is this necessary?

There are many reasons why manual curation of content is now a must for us. Firstly, we've launched new websites alongside Movie Pilot that fans can write for, and this content does not belong on Movie Pilot. If a Creator decides to write an article about Conor McGregor's latest UFC match for our Champions website, it doesn't make sense to publish it to Movie Pilot. Similarly, when a Creator writes an article for Now Loading on the most important things JRPG fans want to see in 'Persona 5' - it's not the right topic for our Movie Pilot audience. This is why we built as the platform to publish content. Staff and Creators alike now create all their content on Once published, our job is to read every article and see where it fits best.

Curating the content also helps us to rid our website of spam, plagiarism and irrelevant articles, which harm our brand and distract from the awesome articles our Creators produce every day. is the backbone for content creation is the backbone for content creation

How do I make sure I get promoted on Movie Pilot, Champions, or Now Loading?

As we start to manually curate the best content, it is vital to make sure that our Creators do not suffer. Over the last year, we've been developing more feedback layers, one-to-one support from our Community Team, and training courses to ensure you have every possible opportunity not only to be promoted on Movie Pilot, but to help you grow and develop your skills as writers to reach whatever goals you set out for yourselves. Whether writing is a hobby, or something you want to take further, we're behind you. Our websites, our content, and our company focus is on YOU, the Creator - and we're working hard to make sure the experience you gain here is unmatched anywhere else on the internet. We've even built a free online writing course called Creators Academy, which is a resource available to all Creators to help build a personal brand, focus your writing, and nail the style, tone, and writing essentials to be successful on Movie Pilot and our new websites.

Creators Academy: Add new skills to your toolbox
Creators Academy: Add new skills to your toolbox

This does mean, of course - that we have certain expectations when it comes to the content we promote on Movie Pilot. That's where Creators Academy comes in handy - it goes through all the fundamentals, helping you discover how to engage with your audience and build a personal brand/ voice that's unique to you as a writer. We're not expecting anyone to be a professional journalist, and we still want writing to be fun - but our goal is to help turn fans into industry influencers, and that means using all the resources at our disposal to make their content shine!

What will be considered 'quality content' on Movie Pilot?

Put simply, if your content is entertaining, informative, passionate and unique then it's going to find a home on Movie Pilot. We're all about stories written by fans for fans and that authentic fan voice is the driving force behind everything we do.

Our goal is to have the homepage be the go-to destination for movie fans to get the best in-depth analysis of their favorite movies. The curated slots you see at top of the homepage will contain articles hand-picked by our editorial team to reflect the big movie, TV and pop-culture topics of that day. If your story offers a fresh perspective on a trending topic then it could be featured on the homepage and you are one step closer to fortune and glory.

As always, we're here to answer any questions, listen to your feedback, or offer support when writing your next article. We have so many exciting plans for you, and we're looking forward to working closely together to make this the best writing platform around.

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