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Confirmed Movies?

4 Movies have been confirmed for phase 4 so far. It's exciting to say the least! Guardians Of The Galaxy volume 3 Is the only one with a name the other 3 are untitled so that leaves us open to speculation. I do love to speculate!


Marc Spector might be a little more suited to joining Daredevil and the Defenders on Netflix but I'd also love to see a little of those guys on the big screen before phase 4, Moonknight would fit perfectly into the more mystic and magical route Marvel are taking with characters such as Iron Fist and Doctor Strange soon to get their first outings on screen, Spector is a fantastic character and would be a great addition to phase 4 weather that be in cinemas or on Netflix or Agents of Shield.

The Fantastic 4!

Ok. So maybe I'm trying to cram to much in here with this one, but I think that the fantastic 4 rights should be grabbed by Disney as they are yet to have an on screen outing that hasn't been a disaster. Having those rights opens up a world of possibility for the MCU though! Imagine the guardians of the Galaxy teaming up with the silver surfer, villains like Galactus and Dr Doom readily available! The Fan4stic rights would really bring Alot to the table even though I'm unsure I'd actually want to see the team themselves!


DC have aquaman...

But seriously Namor could provide 2 things for the cinematic universe 1st being a villain that isn't dreadfully forgetable and 2nd A powerful ally to help fight the big bad of phase 4!

The Sinister Six!

Ok so we all know plans were in the works for this one before Sony realised they were messing up and loaned Spiderman to Disney and have given him his 4012th reboot with "Spiderman, Homecoming" Still not sure about that name. My idea of a new sinister six though would be one that could fit inside the current MCU so rather than the classic 6 or any previous renditions of the 6 give us a mixture of spiderman villains and already established MCU villains just don't shoe horn characters in because it never works *Cough* BVS Justice League *Cough*.

The Swordsman

Introduce the real Mandarin! Bring the Swordsman with him, we don't know where Romanov and Barton will be at this time but imagine him as on their level not super powerful but still very useful and interesting!


Need I say anymore? Give us a wise cracking, Possibly 4th wall breaking? Rampant She-Hulk, Team her up with Banner and watch them take on Red Hulk together? Sound good? It would be!

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know your opinions on what you want to see in Marvels phase 4! I know it's early for speculation but that's half the fun of being a geek! Take part in my poll and tell me what you think is the best idea on here!


Who do you want to see most in Phase 4!?


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