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Star Wars fan art has been a huge part of the fandom ever since the world was first introduced to the saga back in 1977. I guarantee that every artist who loves Star Wars has at least one artwork devoted to the phenomenon. It allows us to add our own voice to the franchise and shows how Star Wars brings out the creative side of its fans. Recently, a competition held by Computer Graphics gave us some fine examples of this, and showcased incredible Star Wars concept art that you're going to love.

The task was simple: Reinvent Star Wars.

The challenge is to re-imagine your favorite character, creature or vehicle from the Star Wars universe. We want you to be creative about it, you can cross universes or redesign within an existing universe as long as it’s a fresh and interesting take on the subject. Cyberpunk Boba Fett? Padme Amidala in a new beautiful dress? Gundam Darth Vader? World War II Millennium Falcon? Medieval stormtrooper? Battle wookies, nexu, bounty hunters, droids and other supporting characters, creatures and vehicles are acceptable. We want to see your unlimited power of imagination! -

What followed was a plethora of creative concepts from various artists that offer a fresh take on the saga. Take a look at some of the greatest examples below.

Samurai Troopers by aedan9

With the influence Kurosawa movies had on Lucas's vision of Star Wars, it is unsurprising (and hugely satisfying) to see that some artists took this underlying theme of the franchise and ran with it.

Samurai Jedis by Jake Rowlands

This piece by Jake Rowlands is definitely one of the most striking images within the collection. I particularly like the way he depicts the franchise's answer to horses - the tauntaun!

Naboo N1 Starfighter Roguelance by Erik Hecksher

Aesthetically, the Naboo fighters from Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace are one of the most eye-catching concepts to come from the prequel trilogy. Here, we get an amazing crossover with classical aeronautical design.

Mad Max/Darth Vader by Alexnegrea

How many of us saw Mad Max: Fury Road last year and loved it? All of us? Good! Then you'll definitely appreciate this Immortan Joe-esque redesign of Lord Vader.

Boba & Slave 1 by Seestyle

Boba Fett proved his status as a fan favorite in the competition, as there are multiple re-imaginings of the Mandalorian bounty hunter. However, this one stands out due to its inclusion of a brand new Slave 1!

Blade Runner Jedis by Jeronimo Gomez

Blade Runner is famed for its concept art and neo-noir aesthetic, so to see Star Wars adopting this style is hugely satisfying. If anybody knows what R2 is saying with his scripture, please let us know!

Rey's Speeder by MilosBelanic

Whereas many artists decided on crossovers, other artists wanted to tweak the style already shown in the world's biggest saga. This image by Milos Belanic is definitely the least drastic redesign from the competition, but the result looks fantastic!

Lone Wolf Boba Fett by Fedor Guzev

As promised, there were more than a handful of entries featuring a new vision of Boba Fett. One of the best was 'Lone Wolf', by Fedor Guzev, featuring the bounty hunter as a lonesome and contemplative killer.

WWI-Style Boba Fett by TolyanMy

And last but not least from Boba is this entry, which features Fett in a World War I-inspired costume!

Yoda in Norse Mythology by Oleg Kasputin

Perhaps one of the most visionary interpretations to come from the competition came from Oleg Kasputin, who decided to show Yoda as a character inspired by Norse mythology.

The Jedi's Path by Pablo Carpio

Artist Pablo Carpio also gave us a redesign inspired by the world of aeronautics. Here we see (what appears to be) Luke's speeder on Tatooine, but not as we know it!

Podracer by Ivangraphics

There were also a number of redesigns of Episode I's pod-racers. It's great to see the inclusion of the entire saga, despite the immense popularity of the original trilogy in comparison to episodes I-III.

The competition has now closed and you can find all the winners and runners up here. I'd love to hear which of these reinventions was your favorite, or if you have any ideas of your own. Let me know in the comments below!


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