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Watch Dogs was a let down. It had a cliched protagonist, acting out revenge, and it had more shooting than hacking, and don't get me started on the driving physics. But, it had great graphics, awesome side missions, and what little hacking was in the game, was a step above. So today, I am going to give my list of features that will definitely be needed for Watch Dogs 2. I will explain the ideas (if they actually need explaining) and I won't spend too much time on one subject.

1. For Watch Dogs 2, I would like to see redifined hacking. When I played through Watch Dogs, it felt like I was playing a mash up of Assassins Creed and Grand Theft Auto, when this game is supposed to be about hacking, more than shooting. I think it would be nice to be able to complete any mission, by hacking through security systems, phones, and, like in the first game, cameras. To make the hacking fun, there could be different kinds of hacking, depending on the security systems in use. So you could have puzzles, a button system ( like when the b or square button comes on screen, you tap that button), and maybe a maze that you have to work through.

2. More realistic gun use. So, instead of being able to carry 20 guns at once, you can only carry one, your pistol. This system would make hacking more reliable, and, would give the player more intense situations. #3 corresponds with #2.

3. Your own vehicle. This could give the player a reliable escape route and the ability to store bigger guns in the trunk, saddle bag, or tool box of the vehicle. You could add amor and weapons to your vehicle, and have your own computer in the car, so that you can hack from your car.

4. Vehicle customization. This goes along with 3 in being able to customize a vehicle. You could possibly sell it and could make for a good way to make money. Ubisoft could design their own custom garages, I just hope that they wouldn't copy Rockstar's customization.

5. Saving peoples information. This could be done, via, the phone. You see a person, and you can hack their phone, through your phone, or your computer and use that information as cover. So there is a criminal that you chase down. You hack his information, and when you need to frame someone, you can frame that criminal or just downright evil person. If you frame a good citizen, your meter that balances good and evil will go toward evil.

Watch Dogs 2 has huge room for improvement
Watch Dogs 2 has huge room for improvement

6. Being caught when hacking bank accounts. This is a definite need for Watch Dogs 2. I hate that you can just run around, stealing people's money, and there are no consequences for it. So, instead of just being able to hack people on the street, you could use that personal computer in your home or car and hack people using the information you gathered on the street ( from 5) as collateral. If you hack criminals and steal their money, then your meter goes toward the good side. If you do the opposite, it will go toward the evil side.

7. Better clothing options. You could design your own clothing. Be it masks, hats, pants, shirts, jackets, gloves and shoes. So you could have a rainbow color outfit, all black outfit, etc. You could have outfits designed for blending in, and outfits for sneaking, and outfits for fighting. This would give the game a better option for players to customize their character, according to their playstyle.

8. Your good/evil meter affects the main story. If you go around ruthlessly killing civilians and policemen, then the main characters in cutscenes will react differently. If you just stealthily, but non-lethally, take out criminals, different characters will respect, or undermine you. If you hack through every level, you would be recognized as a great hacker. This would add better depth to the game and playstyle.

9. Air vehicles. If the map is big enough, it would be nice to see some fly able helicopters or planes. In my opinion, helicopters would be better to use, but, if you add helicopters, you should add planes as well. This would mean Ubisoft would have to add at least one airport.

And finally 10. Realistic vehicle handling and vehicle physics. This is also a needed feature for Watch Dogs 2. If we have realistic driving and crashes, it would definitely be a threat to the GTA series. If you crash a car going 90 miles/kilometers per hour, the car would not be usable after such a crash. Their could be regulations added for speeding if you don't hack streetlights, and better sounds for engines.

So, this was the list. If you agree, please comment to let me know.


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