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The Justice League are a team which it features DC's mightiest heroes, and aqua man (just kidding, he is great really), just got a new cast member.

In the form of Willem Dafoe who has now been cast in the Justice League Movie. We are not yet sure whether he will be in both movies, or just one. However I am really excited

Many would know that he was cast in Sam Ramie's Spider-Man movies as the Green Goblin.

That costume though?
That costume though?

It has not yet been revealed which role he is playing, however we do know he will be switching sides. Not only from Marvel to DC but also from Villain to Hero. He will be one of the good guys, however this could just as easily be a lie.

Since Darkseid will most likely be the villain for Justice League. I think that Dafoe could either be playing:


He is Darkseid's main assistant. He is known for his proficiency in torture. He is basically the second in charge. He has complete knowledge of Apokolips (Darkseid's planet) and can use all weapons found on Apokolips

Glorious/Gordon Godfrey

He is another member of Darkseid's train. He was featured in the Young Justice TV series as a newscaster who advocated against aliens and was later on revealed to work for Darkseid. He is very persuasive and even controls an army called the Justifiers who are completely under his control.

These guys are both heavily involved with Darkseid and they have not been cast already so it may be likely. However the studio may be telling the truth and he may be a good guy. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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