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According to sources, the new PS4.5, or PS4K, will have upgraded GPU, CPU, Ram and is codenamed Neo.

Rumors surrounding the new PlayStation console have been circulating since reports emerged earlier in March. The news has divided the PS community — many current PS4 owners are feeling more than a little let down with their latest purchase, while others who have older units or are yet to buy a PS4 are eagerly anticipating the launch of a new all-powerful PlayStation 4.

Details emerged today surrounding the potential spec of this new machine. According to Giant Bomb the new PlayStation is currently in development and is codenamed Neo. The latest unit will ship with a bigger GPU, CPU and Ram.

The console will have a faster clock speed, but the HDD will remain the same. It has been built specifically to cater to the exploding VR market. Not only will it play the latest in virtual reality but it will output all content in 4K, meaning those of you with 4K televisions will experience your new games in a much higher resolution. The games will not have to be 4K native.

The older PS4 and the upgraded PS4.5, or Neo, will not require separate game purchases. Rather, hard copies will simply ship with two versions of the game on the same disc. The PS4 you play it on will operate whichever version is appropriate.

There will be no such thing as a Neo-only game; both units will exist alongside each other. Sony has apparently already set out certain guidelines that will prohibit game developers offering differing game rewards based on which PS4 you are using.

The report also states games that release after October 2016 will cater to Neo units. Whether that means the new PlayStation will release in the same month is still unknown. Games bought before October will have to be patched by the individual developers.

The Neo units will still log in to the same online stores and access the same online communities. One thing to note about the community aspect is that the Neo will allow for more co-op play. Games that are too big to support co-op split screen will soon be able to support such gameplay due to the size of the new hardware. It will also allow for more splits to be created — increasing the player allowance from two to four, for example.

Sony is taking a very strict approach toward the development of the Neo and the Neo associated games. There is to be as little segregation as possible between the older units and the Neo. Aside from the overwhelming power difference and aesthetic advantage, of course.

The Stats

PS4: CPU 8 Jaguar Cores at 1.6 GHz

Neo: 8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz

PS4: GPU AMD GCN, 18 CUs at 800 MHz

Neo: Improved AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz

PS4: Memory 8 GB GDDR5, 176 GB/s

Neo: 8 GB GDDR5, 218 GB/s

We are led to believe that the two units will look alike but again there has been no confirmation of this as of yet. What I do really love is how the new Neo has tied into the Morpheus project. Is this new console the one we have all been waiting for?

What do you make of all this? Will you be getting a PS4 Neo?


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