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Netflix offers a wide variety of original programming, which is probably the main draw to the service, but that's not all. Netflix has an extensive library of network TV programming including shows that are on now and classic shows you may have forgotten about and the kiddos may have never heard of. Netflix has gained a reputation for bringing back old properties. A few months ago, they gave us Fuller House, a spin-off of the '90s classic Full House. One of their first 'originals' was the revitalization of Arrested Development, which had only done 3 seasons before going off the air for years. Netflix is the place where old shows go to become new again. Here are my top picks for old shows that need the Netflix treatment, and some ideas on how to do so:

1: Everybody Loves Raymond

After the recent loss of Doris Roberts, who famously portrayed Marie Barone, the infamously overbearing maternal figure on Everybody Loves Raymond, the viewership of the show will undoubtedly increase. This show would be, in my opinion, the perfect candidate for a spin-off along the lines of Fuller House. Ray and Deborah's kids have grown up and gotten married, and now the rolls have shifted. What if their daughter Ally, were to move into the house across the street with her husband to start a family, now that her grandparents have passed away? This show would focus on Ally, and her parents living across the street. What would Ray's father-in-law to son-in-law relationship look like? How would his parents have affected his way of dealing with this? Would their be any parallels between Marie's way of treating Deborah and Deborah's way of dealing with her son's girlfriend/wife? Would Ally see either of her parents in herself, and how would she react to that? I want answers to questions like these! Everybody Loves Raymond was perfectly set up long ago to come back like this. It was a show about family that everyone could relate to. We need more shows like this again. Dear Netflix: get working on this!

2: Cheers

Cheers is my favorite sitcom of all time. It was funny, compelling, real, and timely back in it's day. I LOVE Cheers, and if you haven't seen it, I beg you to give it a try (start a couple of seasons in though, it doesn't really hit it's stride until Woody Harrelson steps in). Cheers would be a perfect candidate for a reboot. A new bar, new cast of kooky odd-balls, and a new epic Sam-and-Diane-esque relationship would surely be a hit. A modern Cheers would be an amazing workplace comedy, and if done right, would hearken back to it's predecessor while forging it's own path. I wouldn't really expect to see any of the old cast, but instead, new versions of those classic characters. Diane and Frasier, for instance, would probably be some kind of hipsters in today's world. I would be so interested in seeing these classic character types brought into the modern day. Dear Netflix: Expect major praise if you were to do this!

3: Friends

How long have we begged for a Friends reunion? This one is highly ulikely to ever make it to our TVs, however, considering the demand, making a Friends reunion happen would do nothing but good for Netflix. We all want to know what eventually happened with Ross and Rachel?! What are their kids like? Have our beloved characters changed at all over the years? Like I said, these are questions that will likely go unanswered. There's no harm in hoping though! Dear Netflix: If the opportunity ever comes, you better make this happen!

Netflix has made classic TV cool again by making it easily accessible. I'm so happy about that! Comedies today just can't compare to these '80s '90s classics! If anything, Hollywood needs to look back as they go forward. What made those shows work? Why did we love them so much? Asking questions like these could only help to make TV better for all of us! What's your favorite pre-2000 Netflix show? How do you feel about the Netflix reboots? Tell me in the comments!


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