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Samuel L. Jackson isn't afraid to very bluntly tell it like it is.

And that includes offering his opinion on Foggy Nelson of Daredevil, who Jackson apparently is no fan of. While he never stated the reason why, we can only make our own assumptions. Is it because he tells the Punisher to stop shooting gangsters right in the face? Or perhaps it's because he tells the Punisher to stop having sex with his ninja girlfriend.

He might be right about all that, but nobody likes a buzzkill, Jackson included:

Ouch, Samuel! That's harsh. Succinct, but harsh. Let's hope Nicky Fury and Daredevil never have a showdown, because Foggy would be toast. But let's make sure to clarify the fact that Jackson isn't taking a dig at actor Elden Henson, who portrays Foggy. For all we know, the two might be cool with each other.

[Source: Twitter]


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