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Earlier last week, there were reports that several castings had been leaked for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), including Alona Tal as Black Canary, Ed Harris as General Eiling, and Alfred Molina as T.O. Morrow. Among these reports was that 7 major actors/actresses had been in discussions for certain roles in the DCEU. The list included Javier Bardem, Rosamund Pike, Frances McDormand, Joel Edgarton, Willem Dafoe, Jackie-Earle Haley, and Bill Nighy. While at first these would've all been dismissed as just rumors, it wasn't until today that the true speculation began:

The speculation into the leaks began after it was announced today that Willem Dafoe (Shadow of the Vampire, Spider-Man) had joined the cast of Justice League Part One, and possibly Part Two as well. The reports say that Dafoe will not be a villain but "a good guy", which doesn't specify if he will be a superhero or not. But because he was one the the 7 on the leak list, theories begin to ponder about the remaining 6. If I had to pick roles, these would be the best options:

  • Rosamund Pike - Queen Atlanna :Former or current Queen of Atlantis, Aquaman's Mother.
  • Bill Nighy - Shazam (Wizard) : The wizard who bestows the powers of Captain Marvel/Shazam onto that of young Billy Batson.
  • Jackie Earle Haley - Dr. Sivana : An evil mad scientist and adversary to Shazam.

Two of these people have been fan-cast by others:

  • Javier Bardem - Bane : Superstrength being and adversary of The Batman.
  • Joel Edgerton - Hawkman : Member of Justice League and Justice Society of America. 2 versions: One is alien (Thanagarian) and the other is reincarnated from an Egyptian prince.

Frances McDormand does not have a fan-cast role for her yet. Now that Dafoe is apart of the DCEU, questions are asked whether the 6 other actors/actresses have also been cast in this universe. Only Time will tell.


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