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Tim Horton

Footage has been revealed by YouTuber Unseen64 that appears to showcase cancelled gameplay footage of a MMO Guitar Hero game that was set to connect the entire series.

The footage apparently comes from a pitch made by Virtual Fairground after the release of DJ Hero in 2010. The studio wanted to create an MMO that would bring together the ‘Hero’ community via a specically designed MMO based game.

The game would have played out almost like a Sims-esque type game where players would build up music venues and then invite other players from across the Hero universe to play at their venue in return for in-game currency. This currency can then be used to promote their in-game skills across the Hero network.

There were also to be turn based battle events where players could enter into one vs one music battles. This, of course, must all be taken with a pinch of salt. We have not yet had confirmation from Activision into the legitimacy of the footage. Looks pretty legit to me.

The game apparently failed to reach full development due to the economic decline back in 2010/11.

Is this a good idea? Would you have played this?


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