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Spiderman reunion for Justice League!

J.K. Simmons was announced only a few days ago that he would be playing Commissioner Gordon and now sources are reporting that Willem Dafoe has been cast as well! His role is being kept secret, but they have said he will be portraying a good guy and will appear in both Justice League Part One and Justice League Part Two.

This of course could be a red herring, because Dafoe is just so good at playing a villain. So I put together a list of possible characters he may be playing.

The Joker

Now hear me out... they say he is a good guy in the role, but it is Warner Brothers and it can be a flat out lie. That art above just shows he is pretty close to Joker. Minimal makeup, he has the skills, he could easily pull it off. Personally, I would love a Batman Beyond movie with Willem Dafoe playing the role of Tim Drake/Joker.

The way this would work is the popular theory that Jared Leto's Joker is actually the dead Robin, most likely Jason Todd. Most evidence I know that show any concrete proof was the bullet holes and wounds in the below picture.

The wounds match up to the costume, so it is possible. It is a stretch though, because Zack Snyder has said Robin was killed by the Joker. Of course, in Star Wars, Darth Vader killed Anakin Skywalker... so Joker killed Jason Todd, but in reality Jason Todd became the new Joker and Willem Dafoe could be playing an older version of the Joker, the one we know from the comics. It's very plausible, as Snyder just killed Jimmy Olsen at the beginning of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


I picked such a large image so his face could be seen clearly, but Willem Dafoe could be Metron. He is the supreme explorer, scientist, and inventor of the New Gods. He is not native to Apokolips or New Genesis, but from somewhere else entirely. He is against Darkseid because he does not want to be under Darkseid's rule.

And since Darkseid was teased in Dawn of Justice, we can only assume that the New Gods and related characters will be involved in some way. Willem Dafoe as Metron would open up the recent comic book storylines where the Justice League travels to Apokolips. This could easily open up the DC Cinematic Universe for years, similar to how we have had Marvel's Cinematic Universe since 2008.


Etrigan is a demon from Hell who usually sides with the forces of good because of his alliance with the Justice League and Jason Blood, the human to which he is bound. He is violent, but so is the new Batman.

Willem Dafoe could easily play this part. He has the look and he can play a man who has demons, he did so very well as Norman Osbourne. And just to further reinforce this idea, here's a small quote:

Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky.


Not the evil version... yet. So LexCorp is in all sorts of different business ventures and actually was more successful than Wayne Enterprises. One such thing LexCorp was involved in was software. Brainiac is simply an evolved from of AI and software. Since Lex Luthor was on board the crashed Kryptonian ship, it is possible that the technology merged and the result would be a helpful AI in the beginning, similar to Brother Eye and OMAC from the comics.

It honestly would not surprise me if Snyder ends up combining the qualities of Brainiac and Brother Eye into one and using him as a helpful entity to combat Darkseid or whatever the threat comes, only to turn on Earth when the AI realizes it could be much more. Also, check out if you want to see the LexCorp site related to the movie.

Martian Manhunter

Willem Dafoe could be taking on the role of Martian Manhunter. The part may actually not be that difficult, since most action scenes it wouldn't actually be Dafoe and a majority of his role would be motion capture. Dafoe is not stranger to this, as seen below.

It would be exciting to see him in the role and it would also expand the Justice League roster. His role in John Carter only proves he can be Martian Manhunter.

Thanks for reading and leave comments and discussions below!

Justice League: Part 1 is due to release on November 17th, 2017


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