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Fallout 4 is amazing. It is a game that is so expansive that it can be played countless times and be a totally different experience each time. But could it be made any better?

That is the very question that YouTuber Ben Griffin asked and as it turns out yes. But not in the way that you thought. After experimenting with many a creative and scientific method to improve the game Ben found that the best way to make Fallout 4 the best it could possibly be would be to drop Nic Cage, Deadpool and a giant cat into the mix and just see what happened – as you do.

But the results are just magnificent! Take a look at the utter carnage that ensues – I love this guy!

As Ben explains this video was possible using Nexus Mods. As it currently stands there are 8, 219 player-created models, gameplay tweaks, and graphical overhauls, for Fallout 4 alone. Anyone looking to fool around with their favourite game – this is the place for you.

So, I have given you the tools, what games are you going to mashup?

Source: GamesRadar


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