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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is almost upon us! While we eagerly wait for May 6 to come, let's look back on our beloved patriotic hero! Here are 10 Facts you probably didn't know about Captain America.

He Was Going To Be Named Super American

Believe it or not, Captain America was almost going to be named something else. Back in the World War II, The creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby wanted to a character with a strong political standpoint,and make one that stands out since patriotic super heroes were HUGE at the time.

They chose to name the character Super American, because the name screams patriotism.

After realizing the name isn't going to work, the creators decided to go with the iconic name that is known today as, Captain America!

Captain America is worthy to wield Mjolnir

Much like it was teased in Avengers:Age Of Ultron. Captain American IS worthy enough. In fact, he lifted Mjolnir on two different occasions!

The first time was in 1998, when Cap and Thor teamed up against Grog The God Slayer, with Thor overwhelmed by the might of this villain without his trusty hammer, Cap was able to lift Mjolnir to throw it back to Thor.

Second time was in the famous story-line "Fear Itself". This time, Steve was able to lift the hammer after his shield was destroyed by the Serpent. Thor unfortunately lost Mjolnir during the battle (Seriously Thor, get it together), Cap was able to wield Mjolnir and lead the Avengers to victory

The character received backlash

Despite being America's favorite super-hero, not everyone enjoyed seeing Captain America punch Adolf Hitler in the face. Back in 1940 when his first issue was released, the creators received A LOT of backlash, with hate mail and threatening notes.

In fact, the threats got so serious, that the police protected was posted.

He faced off against Batman

In 1996, DC and Marvel Comics decided to unite in a mega crossover called, DC vs Marvel. In which, two godly brothers find out about the two universes.Each hero was set against one another,and whoever wins saves their universe. Sounds kind of like a Convergence with a bit of Secret Wars.

Anyway,Captain America was set up against Batman! And in case if you were wondering who won...

It was Batman who came out on top, by knocking Cap out with his batarang. Dont be sad though Cap fans, because both were very evenly matched, but sadly a sudden wave of water caught Steve off.

In short, Steve missed, while Batman struck!

FUN FACT: The winner was decided by fan votes. Much like every other battle in the crossover.

His shield was originally triangular

Yep that's right. The shield that Captain America uses wasn't always circular. It was actually a triangle, but was later changed to how it is today, in order to avoid similarities with Archie Comics super hero The Shield.

Civil War is the 7th Live-Action Adaptation of the character

Captain America made his movie debut in Captain America (Serial) (which was also the first super-hero movie ever by the way), where The film cast Dick Purcell. Unlike the more recent films, the original decided to forgo the Super Soldier serum and there is also no usage or mention of Captain America’s traditional shield.

He would appear in other movies such as Captain America (1990), and the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies such as Captain American:The First Avenger,The Winter Solider,The Avengers,Age of Ultron, and the upcoming Civil War!

Sebastian Stan almost got the part of Captain America

It's pretty hard to imagine anyone BUT Chris Evans playing the role of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, but before he was cast, a whole crop of actors were considered to play the First Avenger.

One of these actors was Sebastian Stan! Sebastian was considered for the role of Captain America, but ended up landing the role of Bucky Barnes. Not bad... Not bad at all!

Other actors that were considered were Channing Tatum and Jensen Ackles.

His Death in 2007 made headlines

At the end of the 2007 storyline Civil War, the whole world was shocked to discover that Captain America was assassinated.

His death made so much buzz that it made headlines, including the NY Times! Thankfully, his death was only temporary - phew!

He's Older Than Marvel

When Steve Rogers came into the comic book scene, there was no Marvel Comics, it was actually Timely Comics.

Timely Comics, initially Timely Publications, was the earliest comic book arm of American publisher Martin Goodman, and the entity that would evolve by the 1960s to become Marvel Comics.

So yeah, Steve Rogers is VERY old, and i mean that literally.

He Had A Terrible Childhood.

Steve Rogers was born during the Depression and grew up a frail youth in a poor family. Not only that, but his father was abusive, which was recently revealed back in Captain America #1 (November 2012 part of Marvel NOW! relaunch).

Steven watched helplessly as his father, Joseph, hit his mother, Sarah. She told her alcoholic husband to put down the bottle and stop making excuses for being unemployed. He slapped her multiple times and nearly punched in the face before restraining himself. Steve asks her why she didn’t stay down. “You always stand up,” she told him. Captain would live be the these inspirational words for the rest of his life.

So that its! I hope you discovered more about Captain America. Tell us which fact you didn't know about! Also, if YOU have a fact that you would like to share, do so in the comments! Thanks for reading everyone!


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