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Fandom is a passionate lot, that much is well known. But Star Wars fans? We take it to a whole new level.

In 2014, Disney revealed that the much beloved Star Wars Expanded Universe — nearly 40 years of novels, comics and video games that added to the Star Wars mythology — would become "Legends" and the official continuity would start fresh with John Jackson Miller's novel A New Dawn, focusing on Kanan and Hera from Star Wars Rebels. The end of the old EU meant the in-canon erasure of fan favorites like Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade Skywalker, Jacen and Jaina Solo, and of course, the Sarlacc-surviving Boba Fett.

The intent was to create a streamlined universe where everything is canon — as opposed to the old EU's pick-and-choose continuity where the films took priority over everything else — meaning the movies, television shows, and every novel, comic, and game hold water in the overall Star Wars story.

Understandably, this ruffled some feathers for fans who have invested heavily in the EU over the years, both financially and emotionally. Forming a group called Give Us Legends, fans raised nearly $5,000 with an Indiegogo campaign to purchase this billboard in San Francisco:

While it's unlikely to garner any action from Disney or Lucasfilm, it's a great showcase for how passionate Star Wars fans can be. The group isn't seeking the end of the new canon, either, rather the continuation of the old Expanded Universe storylines as a separate saga. The EU fanbase is certainly huge, so if you've found yourself missing it, you can join Give Us Legends via its Facebook page or visit its website.

I can certainly empathize with fans disappointed in the EU's transition to "Legends," even as a huge fan of the new Star Wars continuity, where every single story holds the same weight no matter the medium. But I feel like this is a great time to point out that removal from canon doesn't — or at least shouldn't — undermine the importance of a story. If it matters to you, then it matters, period.

(Source: Tech Times)


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