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After months of anticipation, Season 6 of Game of Thrones finally premieres this weekend! Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, spoke to Entertainment Weekly and discussed last season's affect on her character, fan reactions, and the future of the Lannister family.

When asked about Cersei's role in the upcoming season, she responded that we're seeing a lot of firsts and uncharted territories for her character:

"It’s probably her most interesting season – because now she really has nothing to lose and she has everything to gain from a horrible position she finds herself in. Her relationship with Jaime is at an all-time weird level. Even though they’re back together, a part of her must f—king hate him. He let Tyrion go. He failed to protect Myrcella. … She’s also super emotionally vulnerable in a way she’s never been before.

"It’s an interesting moment [in the season premiere] when she realized Jaime’s comes back with a dead daughter. [Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] write about Cersei showing nothing – no screaming – and then later there’s a moment with Jaime where she’s broken and it’s so genuine. It’s purely a mother lamenting the purity of her child. I never thought Cersei would say out loud what’s said in this scene; it was quite a beautiful moment. And then it gets all f—ed up."

Cersei had one of the more memorable scenes of last season. If you don't recall, it involved her walking naked through the streets of King's Landing followed by a woman yelling "shame," over and over again.

While some audiences saw this act of being so low for the first time in the show's history as one of the more powerful and pivotal moments in her character's storyline, others were mad that Headey used a body double instead of doing the walk herself:

"Some people thought I was less of an actress because I didn’t get my t-ts out. ...

It was really a bit shocking. I’ve done nudity. I’m not adverse to it. But I know I’m a very emotional actor and I get really driven by that. In order to do my job, I allow myself to be really vulnerable. I don’t know any other way to do my job. Things really affect me. And the thought of being naked for three days and trying to contain her in the way she would be I think I would feel very angry. I didn’t want to be angry. I don’t think Cersei would be angry. I did what I thought she would do, emotionally. And wonderful Rebecca [Van Cleave, Headey’s stand-in] was able to contain herself and be naked. She found it very difficult, obviously. It’s not a natural thing to do. I film every year and I have kids and they know me now and [being naked in the scene] was just too much on top of that. So yeah, people that get it thought it was great. I didn’t phone it in; I was actually there for three days with Rebecca."

She heaped further praise on Rebecca for her work, but contradicted a popular theory that she had any part in the casting process:

"It’s a tough f—ing job and she’s very smart. Another thing I want to say: People [assume] I picked Rebecca. Like I was in the casting and picked a hot body. Like I demanded to have a hot body. In reality, I said, “If somebody will do this, I’ll have no choice about it. Whatever you decide.” I had no judgment in that or desire to be involved. I just want to clear that up. Because as a woman, that drives me mad; the thought I’m like, 'Nope! Nope!' [and dismissing nude women] in a room. I genuinely wouldn’t. Because none of it is about vanity for me — none of it — otherwise I couldn’t do it. It would be a hindrance."

While I'll never fully understand why people even take issue with Headey not doing the nude scene — after all, it's her body and her career — I appreciate how tactfully she handled those criticisms.

And as for this season, she promised that we can expect it to be even better than the last.

"It just keep getting better. It’s so juicy, and it’s so f—king dark, and so emotionally clever, in this landscape. It sounds so cheesy, but I’m really grateful to be part of something so cherished."

We only have a few days left until we'll finally get to see Cersei and the gang back in action for Game of Thrones Season 6. Entertainment

'Game of Thrones' will return to HBO on Sunday night.


Will you be tuning in on Sunday for 'Game of Thrones'?

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