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I just read several articles saying David Goyer does not want to add Martian Manhunter to Justice League and his reasons are very egocentric and narrow-minded. one of his arguments is that people don't know who Martian Manhunter is!! Excuse me, but most people don't know who Cybog is and yet you decided to cast him.

Another reason is that he does not know hwo to make Manhunter character work. well, Supergirl on CBS has Manhunter and in my opinion they did an excellent job!! Maybe it's just his lack of talent that he cannot make Manhunter work...he seems to work better with more realistic characters like Batman and has problem with supernatural heroes like Superman and Manhunter.

I think David Goyer and Zack Snyder (if they still remain with the project) need to get their collective heads out of their pompous asses and start treating fans with more respect. They are talented people and smart, but they definitely have super egos and think only their way and opinions are worth worked for 300, but it failed miserably for Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman....Frankly I enjoyed both but they tried to make Dark Knight movies when it should be more like Avengers....only Batman is the dark brooding hero, whereas Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern are all kind-hearted champions of light and justice.

Actually Martian Manhunter would be a wonderful character to portray as he has sensitivities, much more than Superman, who cam as baby and never knew his Kryptonian world....whereas Manhunter grew up in Mars, had a wife and kids, and lost everyone!! He's more like Punisher except that he lost not just his family but his whole civilization...he should be full of hate but he has kind heart and struggles mightily with his role in human world. the animated series really portrayed him well, and Goyer should take some lessons from that....

Any good writer should salivate at chance to portray this character in a powerful film, but maybe Goyer and Snyder are just not talented enough and scared to screw him up?

I definitely think Martian Manhunter should be included in the future Justice League and there's still time to include him in maybe part 2. or part 3 if they ever decide to make that movie....

do you agree? let me know your thoughts!!


Sam the Popchaser


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