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Ever wondered how much it would cost to be your favourite superhero? Of course you have! Haven't we all?

If you wanted to be Captain America, who coincidently is gearing up to take on Iron Man in next week's launch of Captain America: Civil War, you'd need a staggering $55, 114, 220! Wow, that's a lot of money.

You could, however, be the Cap for a slightly more affordable $683, 120 if you were prepared to forego his shield. But really...Captain America without his shield? No thanks! You best get saving.

The guys over at Twizzle recently put together this great infographic which looks at just how much you'd need to spend to be Captain America himself, with a breakdown of his 'costs' being as follows:

  • Project Rebirth - $516,000
  • Shield - $54, 431, 100
  • Uniforms - $3, 720
  • Motorcycle - $7,500
  • Firearms - $900
  • Salary - $155,000 p/a

To put it simply, you'd need a small fortune to stand any chance of becoming the Cap, however it's nice to dream isn't it? Why not take a moment to check out the breakdown in full for yourself below:

How Much Would It Cost To Be Captain America?
How Much Would It Cost To Be Captain America?

What did you think of this breakdown? Is the cost worth it? Let us know in the comments below!


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