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Nathaniel Rego

1. Long John Silver in Muppets Treasure Island - Tim plays a fearsome yet humorous pirate looking gold on an island home to pig natives.

2. General Talon (voice) in Valiant (2005) - during the 2nd World War, Tim lends his voice to a head falcon stopping pigeons from delivering top secret messages along side his falcon thug duo.

3. Hexus (voice) in Fergully - in this 90s animated musical family movie, Tim Curry as the voice of a monstrous spirit locked in a tree seeks revenge upon the fairies populated rainforest of Fergully. He sings the famed song from the film Toxic Love.

4. The Clown in It - Tim Curry has outdone himself as an evil clown terrorizing civilians.

5. Lord Kraang in TMNT 2 (2016) - allying himself with the Foot Clan again led by a returning Shredder to dominate the earth, Curry voices and mocap plays the alien leader Lord Kraang from Dimension X having his alien race known as The Kraang also battle The Turtles and friends.


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