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We all tried to go to Celebration and have been since 1999 before The Phantom Menace came out in Theaters. Well, this year in July, if you got your tickets now, you are in luck! Star Wars Celebration is the BIGGEST event for the fans and planned every 2-3 years. Anyways, here's what I want to see on the live stream (since I can't go.)

1) Rogue One Theatrical Trailer Release

The first trailer for Rogue one was released two weeks ago, and had all Star Wars fans hyped for the film. I will Imagine that Lucasfilm will want to publicize this film further very soon (as the film is released in December this year.) I also believe that Rogue One will be a preview panel at SWCE (Star Wars Celebration Europe.) That will include: design schematics, images of the film, and a behind the scenes look at how the film has been created. Note: Rogue One Trailer will be included with #1 of what I want to see on the livestream.

2) Episode VIII Preview Panel

Episode VIII has been on the back burner a lot this year, particularly because of the Force Awakens and the hype surrounding the anthology film, Rogue One. Celebration would be a perfect place to debut some new details and information about the plot of the film, a description about some of the costumes, aliens and sets which have been used in production. We may even get a title. That would be exciting for the livestream so I can watch it later.

3) Star Wars Rebels S3 Preview Panel

S2 of Rebels has finished, but we have heard nothing about Season Three. There has been no trailer, interviews or marketing about the next season of Rebels. Perhaps they are saving it for Celebration. In Anaheim, the Rebels team debuted their S2 trailer and publicised what the season was going to entail.

Could they do the same again this year, in London. Of course this is all speculation, but based on the trends from recent celebrations and the reputed release dates of these projects, it would make sense to have panels on these films and TV shows at SW Celebration.

Here's a video from @KensingtonRoyal


Are you ready for July 2016?


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