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Season Finales we have all seen them. It comes from the Ancient Greek Words meaning “We could ‘ve wrapped this all up by Episode 3”

And Supergirl does that.

All season Supergirl and Company have been dealing with the main Badies!!

The Kryptonians!

The Season Finale ties up all the loose ends. It really does. Makes you wonder is this a Season or Series Finale?

That is another story.

It really feels like this was more of and ending than beginning. Yes there is the normal last 30 seconds bleeds into the next episode. There is a hint for next season. But it is very very very small compared to the Huge ending vibe.

Let’s Begin

Supergirl v Sister

Supergirl and her human sister (Alex) duke it out. Alex armed with a Kryptonite Sword and matching Armored Suit. Well minus the helmet because her hair looks amazing.
I could not help but Have Batman v Superman flashbacks. Her sister Alex in a Kryptonite Suit manages to take her down. Thanks to a save by their Mom. Yes the Mom manages to appeal to Alex’s humanity to overpower the Kryptonians mind control device.

Okay. Does Mind Control work like that.

Those Kryptonians just cannot catch a break.

Supergirl v Kryptonian Mind Control

Then some DIY action at an old Radio Station the good guys broadcast Supergirl’s message of hope. This automatically snaps everyone out of it.

Okay. Does Mind Control work like that? No really I am curious as hell to know

Those Kryptonians just cannot catch a break.

The other half of this episode sets up the fact Supergirl is facing overwhelming odds. Plus being a possible Series Finale you really wonder if she might be finished. You know like Doomsday drops out the sky and impales her with the Kryptonite Spear!!!

For a rare substance seems to be a hell of alot of it laying around.

They really did a good job of Supergirl closing her loose ends. Even though the final fight was disappointing. The Martian Manhunter and Supergirl end up facing The Kryptonian Leader Non and the Blue Lady. I really have no idea if she is Lady Brainaic or Siri or Cortana.

Now I was under the impression that there would be a horde of crazy Kryptonians raring to go. All armored up and sexy looking with the wind blowing softly in their hair....... End up with two. Two I say. Still a decent fight. Again Supergirl and Martian Manhunter could 've just did this like episode 5!

This brings up the final push.
The Evil Non and Kryptonian Siri have set the Spaceship to melt everyone's brains. The only way to save everybody is to lift the ship into space. Doing this means certain death since Supergirl can't breath in space.
Did they forget see image below.

In every version of this character they can survive in space for limited durations. No reason for this to be a life or death struggle going in space for Supergirl.
I know doesn't make for great drama. Plus Alex the chance to fly the original Kryptonian Spaceship to make the big save.

This leads to a big glaring issue with all this. Where is Superman?
This is a huge battle heads are gonna explode and he is MIA!!!
There are Kryptonians running around doing all kinds of crazy crap and he is nowhere to be found. If anything he should be helping Supergirl know her limits.
But nope no place to be found. Now they did give the reason Superman is off world. Means he can fly in space. Still damn Superman.

If there is a Season 2 the Superman Issue needs to be addressed. We all know WB is not allowing Superman to be on TV. We got that from Ten years of Smallville and no Superman.

This series needs to kill Superman off or banish him to the movie universe. But the going theory is Superman is now a kid now. Yes he is in the Kryptonian Spaceship at the end.
This might be thing the show needs to stand on it's own and not live in the shadow of a world with Superman but to have a world with Supergirl casting her own shadow.


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