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It's become no secret that modern film marketing has taken leaps down from the movie posters of old. Nowadays posters typically become a photoshopped hodge podge of giant heads, people with their backs to us, and oh yes, all the orange and blue you have.

But there is still hope...

Such galleries as Bottleneck, Gallery 1988, and Hero Complex have begun a movement for the resurgence of film posters and art work done by true artists. Each site has commissioned many talented artists to produce some memorable works which go above and beyond most film posters. All of these galleries, however, follow in the footsteps set by Mondo.

Based out of Austin, Texas, Mondo has led the way in all things movie and pop culture releated. Starting off printing special posters for exclusive screenings with Alamo Drafthouse and its Rolling Roadshow, Mondo quickly branched out into internet sales, which have become the equivalent of your worst Ticketmaster nightmare. Because of this, the posters have become quite the collector's items.

Since then, Mondo has moved on from posters to become a pop culture merchandise hub now also selling t-shirts, vinyl soundtracks (in partnership with Death Waltz records), and beautiful toys & statues. Based on their new heights, every once in a while Mondo likes to do something nice for their large and loyal fanbase; and, boy, is this is wonderful present.

Starting April 21st and running through to April 24th, Mondo will have another timed edition sale of a print for the film The Hateful Eight. The poster was done by artist Jason Edmiston. The poster, like the film, is a fantastic call back to '60s/'70s filmmaking while at the same time feeling like a breath of fresh air to the pop art world with its unique style compared to other, current poster prints.

Timed edition sales, unlike most Mondo sales, do not sell out. They will print however many orders are purchased within that time frame. So if you're interested in this gorgeous print you have until the 24th to snag it! After that it's to the depths of eBay with you.

Mondo has made the art of the movie poster important again, and I can't implore you enough to seek them out!


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