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Arrow has had a lot of talk lately following the death of famous comic book character, the Black Canary. Comic book fans have been very vocal about their disappointment and have engaged into countless online debates with fans and the cast/crew. However, we all have to remember that Arrow works well as its own entity. What is great about the show is that the writers do not have limitations because the show is one adaptation of the Green Arrow. By telling their own story, they are creating something really compelling and constantly raising the stakes by surprising fans with plot twists such as the death of Laurel.

To celebrate this great show, here's a bunch of gifs showing the great evolution of the show through this season. Here's one of the clearly serious examples on how the writers have kept the story really compelling through the years. Enjoy while I go grab my fan.

Season 1:


Season 2:


Season 3:

Season 4:

This article scientifically proves that Arrow is still going strong and is even getting better and better. Can't get enough! Definitely looking forward to the rest of the season and what they have in store (They can always cut the wardrobe department budget) for season 5.

Here's a good idea:

You tell them, Felicity!


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