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Everyone and their grandmothers has their personal favourite movie from Marvel's MCU - but I want to know, which is actually the best? Forget Rotten Tomatoes, Forget critics, what do you! the fans! think is the best, without percentages, without any critic snobbery? Here are our nominees!

Iron Man!

Arguably the one movie to kick it all off! The movie that showed that heroes outside of Spiderman, Batman, Superman, X-men and the Incredible Hulk were definitely a viable option!

My personal opinion on Iron Man, I think we have Alot to thank it for (And I don't mean the awful sequels) but it's a movie I can always go back and enjoy its a simple origin story of an eccentric billionaire who has a life changing experience and decides to use his massive IQ and seemingly endless funds for good instead of profit going on a mission to right the wrongs of his own company, its a character piece with beautiful CGI, Awesome action and great characters but! It's not my favourite by far.Pre team-up though this was definitely phase 1s strongest movie, Captain America and Thor in my opinion were so-so and Iron Man 2 is a mess!

The Avengers! (AKA) Avengers Assemble!

This was it! The movie that everyone who had ever picked up a comic book was waiting for! Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury along with Shield Assemble to stop the evil plan of Loki, who is possibly still the MCU's most memorable and likable villain. To cut a long story short! It worked and it worked well! The Chemistry between the avengers and even Loki himself was amazing full of witty banter and sometimes real hostility and tension leading up to the battle for New York against Loki and The Chitauri Army not to mention the End credit scene which made nerds everywhere need to change their underwear as Thanos was first revealed to be behind the scenes pulling strings. In my opinion this is definitely a front runner for the best MCU movie so far but still it isn't my favourite.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

Holy Sh** did this movie come out of no where and blow minds! My personal expectations for this movie were low being that Cap was never a character I really cared for but this movie changed all that! It screamed gritty realistic spy movie, mixed with a buddy cop thing going on with Steve and Natasha, HYDRAs presence made everything feel claustrophobic and like no one could be trusted and can we just talk about the action! The car chase scene with Nick Fury is probably my favourite action scene ever in the MCU the tension and danger is real I was on the edge of my seat the whole way I also grew attached to Bucky and Falcon and I can't wait for Civil War later this month to see them again! This is definitely a front runner for my personal favourite.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Well. Guardians of the Galaxy, The goofy team up movie. A regular human, A Green girl, A war scarred Dave Batista, A Raccoon and a Tree! Teaming up to save the Galaxy how stupid is this gonna b...... wow it was amazing! The characters! The Settings! The music! The mystery and our first semi explication of the Infinity Stones (Gems for you comic guys) and another look at Thanos (Even if it was slightly underwhelming) Guardians was an adventure, a real adventure into the unknown with characters you learn to love very quickly, honestly the only thing that knocks this movie down? Ronan. Why couldn't you be a little more interesting? Just have some personality please? Everytime he was on screen alone or speaking with Nebula or whoever else I found myself yawning but luckily you are quickly snapped back to the GOTG and every second with them is entertaining. This is also a front runner for me!

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Ahhh, I put this here because I feel it will have some fans out there but honestly it didn't live up to the hype which to be honest would have been an almost impossible task, it was far from a bad movie, not even close but it definitely didn't blow minds instead of picking this one apart I will name a couple things I really enjoyed about it. The Vision! I love him I can't wait to see more of him he was the most interesting part of that movie for me, also Hawkeye was massively redeemed in this movie he shone brighter than he ever had and I loved him! Apart from that there was some decent action and a new avengers team to get excited about. Definitely not my favourite.

This one is an outsider but... Ant-Man.

Ant man was plagued with behind the scenes problems, Edgar Wright walked out before the movie was finished and so on but I honestly think the biggest worry was it's a movie about a man who can shrink and control ants. It had the GOTG problem of sounding dumb and childish but, oh my did it work! It was the Superhero equivalent of a heist movie with stunning effects and great characters also a small cameo from an avenger being one of the funniest fight scenes iv seen in a while! All in all the movie was pretty awesome and I can't wait for Scott lang to return in Civil War.

SO! There is the list of what I think are the most popular.

Thanks for reading.



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