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In 2002 we were given "The Bourne Identity", a great action movie that focused on a mysterious storyline and the lovable character Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon. It involved government conspiracies, an incredible action scene throughout an American Embassy in Switzerland and a sweet romance before it became a cliche to include them in every action film.

In 2004, we received "The Bourne Supremacy", a sequel that was surprising just as good. The action kept the film's pace intact, we were given answers to the questions that the first movie left us with and spoiler alert, they killed off Jason's love interest from the first film. It was heartbreaking, yet understandable that Jason had to learn his lesson that he can't get close to people.

In 2007, audiences watched "The Bourne Ultimatum", which is what they believed would be the last "Bourne" film. Jason learned of his past and we received all of the answers we needed. The camera may have been a little too shaky, but again the action was great and it was a great conclusion to a well deserving trilogy.

Then we reached "The Bourne Legacy" in 2012, a spin-off that did not include Damon but did refer to him within the movie. Instead, Jeremy Renner seemingly took over the franchise, I will say that the action in this movie was awesome, but I was sad that they decided to continue the story without Damon.

Now it's 2016, and Universal Studios is releasing yet another "Bourne" movie that has officially been titled "Jason Bourne." Fortunately for the lovers of the original trilogy, Matt Damon has returned to reprise his role as Jason. So what does that mean? How are they going to continue the trilogy with the ending in "Ultimatum"? How will they deal with Renner's film? Well...

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