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Before I get started, yes, I do know I butchered the quote in the title. And yes, I also know it belongs to a different Bat-franchise. But I also know that it's probably the most relevant Bat-quote for this piece. So let's begin.

Despite Batman v Superman's mixed response, fans and critics could agree on one thing: Ben Affleck's Batman was the best yet. Affleck played the role with a subtle intensity, something that was necessary for this grizzled take on the iconic character. Alone, that sounds great. Pair a perfect actor with a perfect Batsuit (like the one we got), and you have utter perfection.

The suit's been praised for many reasons. First off, it's an immensely accurate replica of the one from The Dark Knight Returns. Obviously more detailed, but still taken straight out of one of the best-known, acclaimed comic books ever. Besides fan appeasement, the suit reflects the history of this new Batman. Bullet holes on the emblem, scratches all around, and a roughness that can't be competed with. It's a far cry from Nolan's sleek costume, but fans were more than welcoming to it. So it comes as no shock that Warner Bros and DC have decided to put it on the forefront of their merchandise, like the . . .

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman 1:6 Scale Statue

"Devils don't come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky."

From DC Entertainment's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes a series of 1:6 scale statues. Measuring approximately 12-inches tall, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman Statue features the Dark Knight ready to throw a punch. Featuring impressive detailing, Batman stands atop a Batman v Superman logo themed base.

Ages 13 and up.

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In case you were too lazy to read that, it's a 1:6 scale statue, measuring approximately 12 inches. It has impressive detailing and stands on top of a base, molded and painted to look like the Batman v Superman logo! Still hesitant on buying it? Let me tell you exactly why you should.

Shipping and Delivery

Unlike many websites, Entertainment Earth ships any In-Stock sales within one business day. Once it's sent out, the delivery time varies. For me, it took just four days! And considering it was shipped from the United States on a Thursday and delivered to me (in Canada!) the following Monday, it's amazing how quickly I got it. Additionally, that was at the standard shipping speed. You always have the option to purchase express shipping, if you simply cannot wait that long. And while we're already talking about shipping, the statue qualifies for free shipping!


For what it's worth, the packaging was great. It's basically impossible for it to come damaged. For starters, the statue came in two pieces: the figure itself, and the base plate. Both pieces were in their own sealed plastic bags, while still wedged between the two styrofoam plates. Additionally, the styrofoam is taped together to prevent antything shaking around because of the tight-but-not-too-tight fit. The box itself is also pretty sweet, matching up with the design of other DC statues and figures.

The Base

Thankfully, the baseplate isn't some boring black square. Oh no, this baseplate is probably the best-known movie logo of 2016. Seeing as this is the Batman statue, the Superman colours are toned down slightly, emphasizing the black of the Bat-logo. Other than that, it's identical to the movie's logo.

Speaking to the mechanics of the statue now, it's not tough to get it together. The plate has a little square carving, with another round, thinner carving inside it. Batman's left foot (with its thin metal rod) fits snuggly into the indent. His other foot ends up resting on whatever surface you place the statue on. The fit isn't too tight, seeing as you can still turn the thing around while it's connected to the plate, but not loose either. It's also really easy to remove the statue from the base.

The Statue

Because of the intricate detailing and little details, I'm going to do a separate little piece on each part of the statue. But the quick facts for the whole thing? Well, it's apporximately 12 inches tall, made of cold-cast porcelain, and sculpted by James Marsano. And just an FYI, don't let the porcelain scare you off. Cold-cast porcelain is extremely sturdy, so much so that dropping the statue won't shatter it.

The Cape

Oh man. The cape was one of the biggest reasons I wanted this statue. It gives the statue life! A simple change in its position could tell you if Batman was standing atop a building on a windy night, or just doing a casual lunge. Either way, I was not disappointed. The cape arrives already attached to Batman's cowl. It can't be moved from there, but everything else about can be altered! See, the entire cape is lined with a thin metal wire on the inside. This makes it absolutely ideal for any positions you want to bend it in. Want to grab it in one corner and pull it up? Go for it, because it'll stay! The cape's material is light and plastic-y (think of a kite), which is perfect, seeing as it's not nearly heavy enough to push the wire back down.

The Boots

So I guess we'll work our way from the bottom to the top. Lucky for us, the bottom is great! Like I said before, one of the legs rest on the base, while the other one whatever surface the base is on. The base-foot lays totally flat, and the non-base-foot is raised, almost as if Batman's on his tippy-toes. Essentially, he's doing a lunge. Detail-wise, the boots are great. They have little rumples exactly where you would expect them on a real pair of boots, and have straps designed onto them. In addition to that, the tips of the boots are a shade of gold, saving it from becoming a monochromatic blur.

The Legs and Chest

This is probably what I would call the meat of the statue. It's where your eyes go. And what lucky eyes they are, because it looks spectacular. I mean it, every bit of this looks absolutely stunning. Let's start with the texture: like it appears above, the suit's "fabric" is composed of many, many lines etched into the material. These lines all go in the same direction in their little area, but due to the thicker seams on the legs and chest, each area goes in a slightly different direction when compared to another. Kind of like order within chaos (or vice versa, which is basically what Batman represents). The legs themselves look huge, perfectly fitting for the hulking, muscular Caped Crusader we have. Sitting on the waist is the ever present Utility Belt, painted the same shade of gold we see on the boots. It looks slightly disproportionate in the photo, but looks amazing as the real deal. The gold of the belt is tinged with darker golds and even black at the sides, likely to show that this is an older Batman with older tools. Maybe the belt has witnessed the brutal murder of its sidekick too? No, too soon. Anyways, we've worked our way to the main part - the logo. While a ton of people have a problem witht he fat logo, that's not the statue's problem. The statue's job was to perfectly replicate what we saw on the big screen, and that it did (and then some). The lines etched into the logo are all horizontal, save for the tips at the side, where they dip diagonally downwards. Point being it's accurate, beautiful, and just perfect.

The Arms

While they're far from the best things about the statue, it's hard to deny that the arms (and more specifically the gauntlets) are anything but extraordinary. The gloves themselves are the standard black, with ridges carved in to imply different layers. The knuckles, however, are studded with gold, which makes sense considering we recently learned that those are brass knuckles. The coolest part, though? The gauntlets. Equipped with the three blades fans have become accustomed to, there's no way they can disappoint.

The Cowl

Ah yes, the cornerstone of the Batman statue; Batman's head. For starters, Ben Affleck's signature buttchin made it into the statue, something that (miraculously) didn't get lost in translation from human to porcelain. The nose and ears look more or less the exact same as they do on screen, while the eyes are brown (not that we ever saw Affleck's eyes up close). There's also a subtle emotion sculpted into the face, not one of outright anger, but the seething rage that Batman feels at all times. You can see it through the angled eyebrows and crinkled nose.

And To Top It All Off, A Video From DC

That's all I have to say about this statue, but there's more where it came from!

The Cost

Somewhat surprisingly, the statue is only $129.99! That's a huge price difference from most sites (including DC Collectibles), where it usually sits at $150. Oh, and did I mention there's free shipping?

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Something You Need to Know

Credits cards are only charged after the item's been shipped to you, so there's no need to worry about getting your money taken without anything in return. Also, all in-stock item's shipping is free when the order is over $79, and select pre-orders are also free. Just a reminder, this statue does have free shipping!

If you have any questions regarding any of these statues, feel free to drop a comment below!



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