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Last year, Disney took a step forward with their cinematic style by releasing a live-action version of Cinderella, which was a quite spectacular film. This year, they are continuing their live-action pattern by presenting an all-new The Jungle Book, featuring brilliant voice-work from actors like Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, and Ben Kingsley.

With Disney, there are always fun behind-the-scenes facts to share, and The Jungle Book is certainly no exception.

1. A Tribute To Cast and Children

A lot of the animals were mean and ferocious looking, but a lot of them were adorable too, including the wolf cubs. The cubs were named after crew members, and two of them were voiced by Jon Favreau's kids.

2. It Was All A Lie!

Sure, we all know that the animals in the film are CGI, but what about the surroundings? Surely they must have found an actual jungle to shoot in. Actually, not quite. All of the jungle and scenery that you see in the film is also visual movie magic.

3. The Animals Were There, Sort Of

Neel Sethi, the young boy who played Mowgli, needed something to act off of, the Jim Henson Company built life-size animal puppets to help him out. Sometimes even Jon Favreau would stand where Shere Khan was supposed to be so that Sethi would know where exactly to react.

4. Funky Inspirations

Sometimes when they were shooting, Sethi would get a little bit tired. When that happened, Jon Favreau would play his favorite song, "Uptown Funk", to get him in the mood. Sethi would jump and dance around back in the mood for shooting.

5. A King's Ransom

From Christopher Walken singing "I Want To Be Like You" to Baloo's hilarious entrance, the King Louie scene was definitely a memorable one. You may have been caught up in the visual effects of the gigantopithecus to realize, but among Louie's treasure lie the genie's lamp from Aladdin.

6. There Was More Than One Lion King Reference

Obviously with such a wide magical world as the Disney one, there are going to be plenty of references to past Disney films. The most obvious one took place in the first act, when Mowgli runs down a ravine along a stampede, with Shere Khan watching. It looks an awful lot like that memorable scene in The Lion King where Simba runs along the stampede while Scar watches from above.

There was one more stealthy sneak-in towards the end of the film, where the jungle animals line up in front of Shere Khan. Though you might have missed it, among those animals was a warthog standing next to a meerkat. Perhaps a certain pair named Timone and Pumba comes to your mind?

Now that I've covered the bare necessities of the need-to-know behind-the-scenes facts, let me know what your favorite Jungle Book trivia tidbits are. Did you catch an easter egg that I didn't mention here? Make sure to let me know in the comment section below!

What Disney movie do you want to see a live-action interpretation of next?



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