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*Warning: Walking Dead comics/show spoilers ahead*

Just how badass is Carl Grimes?
In case you weren't aware of it, let me count the ways.
Here are 8 moments from The Walking Dead comic that show just how badly Rick Grimes' kid could, well...

Didn't need that anyway.

Not many people can take a bullet to the eye, and what appeared to be part of his brain, and survive. But in the comic world, anything's possible! And not only did Carl survive it, he got amnesia, kicked its ass, and came out of the whole deal kind of a badass. I mean come on, he has girls licking his exposed eye socket, for crying out loud.

one big EW
one big EW

The first bullet cuts the deepest

Otis accidentally shot Carl out in the woods, which led Rick and Co. to Hershel's farm. He pulls through it, but unlike the previous bullet, there isn't a badass eye patch to show for it, just a scar. But probably a HUGE scar.

Perfect mix of adorable and deadly

I'll never forget the first time I saw a lot of things, honestly. And seeing little Carl, barely able to hold that massive gun up, blowing away a half dozen of Negan's men? That was too good. And to have Negan invite him into his house and shoot the shit with him instead of ironing his face? Even Negan respects what a little badass he is.

His first live kill

Who would have thought it would be Shane? He was probably too young to know how bad the repercussions would be, unlike Glenn when he killed his first living, breathing human in the show. But Carl doesn't appear to have much of a problem with killing the living, which can be a good thing, with all the Governors and Negans running around out there.

Little talks

Who has the power to break Negan? Nobody. Except for Carl Frickin' Grimes, that is. Negan gets caught and thrown in a jail cell, but continues to taunt Rick and the other survivors. But he has little talks with Carl, about anything from girls to whatever else they want to talk about. Despite Negan thinking that they're becoming friends, he asks Carl if he still wants to kill him. Carl says he does, and Negan gets pretty upset about it.

Pick on me? Let me introduce you to Amanda, my shovel. Ain’t she awesome?

After going to The Hilltop to apprentice with the blacksmith, and try to become a valuable member of the society, Carl just doesn't quite fit in. Who the hell would pick on a kid with an eye patch, anyway? He does get picked on, and attacked, but he beats them both within an inch of their lives with a shovel. They put Carl in a cell, temporarily, where he eventually meets the eye socket licking Lydia.

Two brothers

In a story that was changed to fit Carol, Lizzie and Mika in the show, Carl takes care of a budding psychopath before he can hurt or kill anyone else. Ben and Billy were adopted by Dale and Andrea after they lost their parents, but Ben started going full Lizzie-

He picked on other kids, killed animals, and eventually killed his little brother Billy. So, Carl went full Carol.

He f#'s Lucille up

Nobody shoots Lucille! Nobody! Except Carl, of course.

Who do you think is more badass? Comics Carl or show Carl?


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