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*WARNING: 'The Walking Dead' comics/show spoilers and (obviously) zombie-related satire ahead*

Out of all the good and evil characters in The Walking Dead TV show, who do you think is the baddest of the badasses? Rick? Carl? Lucille?

You'd be wrong if you guessed any of those you're thinking of right now, my friend.

Judith! Yes, Judith is the queen of ass-kickers on the show, and here are some of the times that she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't mess with her baby-powdered butt.

Since she didn't make it too far in the comics, here are five of the times Judith (maybe) went psycho in The Walking Dead show!

Sorry, mom

She was sick of missing out on all the action and stuck inside the accident-prone, Carl-losing, whiny wife who was Lori Grimes. So what did she do? She made sure everyone knew what badassery she was capable of by — well, you get it. Lori couldn't even handle her.

Rumor has it that Carl didn't even pull that trigger to put mama out of her misery. Judith was all: "Here, let me handle this." And Carl, being a good big brother, nodded silently in approval, handed over the gun, and covered for his badass little sis.

Bite me? Bite you!

Shortly after she was born — I mean, she came ripping and screaming into this world — the prison was attacked. The fact that she couldn't walk didn't stop her from taking out her first walker; her mom didn't count either (she was kind of in-between walker and not walker). You see that bloody car seat? That's walker guts, baby. She stabbed that bastard in the head with her binky. Nobody saw it happen, of course, in the hustle and bustle of the moment.

I'm not crying. I'm luring.

As the Termites bore down on our group, Judith let out what they thought was a regular ol' baby noise. In reality, it was her trying to say: "I'm in here, bitches! Daddy! Do it! Now!" And Rick did it, starting with Gareth's fingers.

Lizzie was lucky Carol intervened

Lizzie had just killed her sister Mika and was about to do the same to Judith when Carol and Tyreese showed up. You don't see it, but Judith was about to roll over and throat punch Lizzie. The plans she had for that crazy girl were far worse than what Carol did, so Lizzie should have been thankful someone stepped in, saved her life, and then killed her.

No babysitter can handle me

Doesn't the fact that Beth and Tyreese — two of the adults who have looked after her — have died seem kind of strange? And Carol, who has been seen holding her an awful lot lately, has seemed to have lost some, if not all, of her edge. Could merely being in the presence of "The Little Ass-Kicking Chosen One" be detrimental to one's health? Apparently!

Who's the biggest badass on 'The Walking Dead'?


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