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We are in the midst of a spiritual battle.

The Devil is liar!!!

The Devil draws in the ratings at least.

Hell look at the people running for President. The Devil is alive people.

2016 has been the year of Devil on TV this year.

From Damien, Lucifer and Supernatural the Devil has become that rating fix everybody is after.
Is it ratings Gold or Polluting the Market?

Taking a quick at Damien on A&E

James Bradley stars as Damien Thorne all grown up from The Omen Series. Picking up his devilish ways from being a creepy kid to a beefy creepy guy.
Come on look at him.
Equal amount of beef and creep.
Ladies love that. Well creep only works if you got some beef.

Since its March Debut Damien has lost 50% of its target viewers. Still has 3 more episodes left. Originally slated for Lifetime then moved to A&E to piggyback off Bates Motel. Great marketing, on paper.

Damien suffers from a lack of horror. The Omen was more suspense than horror. The 1976 classic The Omen fell into the perfect fit for 70's horror fans. Something that has proven hard to duplicate. Several attempts have been made to recapture the lightning in the bottle of the original. Even a TV Movie in the 90's.

Damien falls short. A&E rushed this into production. If they totally revamp this and add more horror and give the characters something. I think it is called personalities. They might draw in horror fans.

Lucifer on FOX

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar. FOX again partners with DC and Vertigo Comics adaption of Lucifer from The Sandman Comics series from the 90's. In the Comic Series Lucifer had more colorful adventures. The Lucifer from the Comic is not figure of horror but more of victim of their own bad choices.
FOX has adapted it to be a Police Procedural. Now they work. TV is dominated by the Police Procedural format.

Lucifer differs from Damien is you get devil type with charm and personality. Which gives you beefy and personality. Yes that trumps beefy and creepy. Why Lucifer has been renewed for a second season.

Tom Ellis is the center of the show. There are subplots and supporting characters but Ellis sells every episode. Lucifer does not focus on horror but overall entertainments drawing in fans of the crime drama. It works.
Rating wise it has has maintained an audience. FOX loves that for a season or two.


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