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Out of all the superheroes I've read Doctor Strange is for the lack of a better term, the strangest. Being curious about the Sorcerer Supreme, I ordered online Doctor Strange: The Oath. Let's dive into a review of what I think of it.

Kick starting the story, a shot down Stephen Strange is carried into a private hospital for superheroes by his faithful Chinese servant, Wong. Strange is immediately put under the care of Night Nurse. While being operated, Doctor Strange casts his astral projection to tell Night Nurse what happened, only to find out that Wong is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Now the clock is set. After barely recuperating from his near death experience Doctor Strange, Wong, and Night Nurse set off to find who was responsible. And to help Wong, Strange quests for an elixir that could cure him. Not only could it get rid of Wong's brain cancer, it also could cure any disease. Strange has to make a choice: Save Wong, or use it in an experiment to cure all of mankind's diseases at the price of Wong's life. New dimensions are explored. Reality is bended. And sorcery ensues in this action packed comic collection.

What did I think of Doctor Strange: The Oath? I really liked it! I'm actually quite a newbie when it comes to The Sorcerer Supreme. What really piqued my interest is the upcoming Marvel movie, Doctor Strange. It looks amazing! It stars my favorite Oscar nominated actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. I ordered this comic a few weeks ago when the movie ended filming in New York City. My timing couldn't be more impeccable. Right after filming, Benedict Cumberbatch actually bought this graphic novel. You can see it in the photo above. How awesome is that?!?! I give Doctor Strange: The Oath a 10/10. The movie, Doctor Strange, hits the big screen this November. You can check out the trailer below!


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