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1. No more kids movies for MARVEL

Marvel has a reputation for making kid friendly movies like spider man and the avenger movies that gave a light feeling. Early in the trailer we get what seems to be the death of WAR MACHINE. Thought the trailer, the movie changes the average good guy vs bad guy scene to a good guy vs good guy with really makes you rethink your favorite Marvel character.

War machine death (straight from civil war trailer)
War machine death (straight from civil war trailer)


In the civil war comic series we see a awesome spiderman with a new suit .


In the trailer we get a glimpse of a spider man

BUTTTTT the eyes seem to do a camera eye type of shift . There are two things that could be happening in this image: 1. We have a new spiderman with a robotic suit; 2. It's just a animation like Deadpool and his movie.

3. Vision v Scarlet Witch

Right out of the trailer
Right out of the trailer

In the GIF , scarlet witch seems to be draining out visions energy . In the comics they are supposed to be in a "romantic" relationship , but we don't know what the movie producers are going to do about this part of the civil war .


The main reason people will watch Captain America: Civil War is to cover up Batman V Superman . The main characters are cap MERICA and IRON MAN . These two are here to fight and they both have good reasons .

IRON MAN : He believes that after all the destruction (from avengers 1 and age of ultron ), people need to regain there trust in the Avengers by knowing who they are . the Avengers are lethal weapons and although none of them will probably go on rampage ( maybe hulk ) Iron man still thinks that they should give people respect . he thinks that they should join the government and work as soldiers because by doing that they will not be seen as outsiders that may or may not just destroy Newyork for the hundredth time . A big problem to the government is Bucky who was brainwashed to do bad stuff , so the gov . thinks only iron man and his crew are able to capture hum and make him pay for his crimes .

CAP : He believes that the superheroes are the best at dealing with stuff and that they should be the only ones dealing with it ( not the government ) . He thinks that if the gov. where to control the Avengers , the government might abuse this power and they might turn into a communist country . Cap does not trust the government and thinks he is the only one with a good morality . Cap has been friends with bucky for the longest time and thinks that he was a victim of a crime and should not be punished , infant he should get help to remember who he is , and cap thinks there is still some good boy in Bucky .

5. BLACK PANTHER (the first black superhero)


In the trailer we see Black panther , many people would just say " whats so cool about him " well he has a suit that is bulletproof because it is made of the same material as CAP's shield ( Vibranium ). The story of this one man army is : T'Challa was a prince and was following the role of his father , and was soon going to get the BLACK PANTHER suit once his dad died , and this happened too soon . The man trained for much time and learned a fighting technique made by wakanda that has not really been exposed ( so expect awesome fighting scenes ).Black panther is a new character and his suit is just awesome . Expect a lot from this guy.

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