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Is it 2019 yet??

Shazam is slated for 2019. This movie has been in pre production since late 2013.

We have The Rock casted as Black Adam. A role the internet made for him. They have a striking resemblance. Just look below.

Perfect casting. The Rock has the body and acting ability to pull it off.
But who could stand up to The Rock's size and sheer power?
Cue the Music!!

John Cena!!!

Ok taking a moment to let everyone grab their breath.
John Cena is 37. Still in amazing shape. He has made it clear he does not plan to wrestle for too much longer. Movies are the next logical step.

People pay to see these two wrestle. Just imagine if they were given super powers in the DC background. The curiosity factor alone is would recoup the production costs.

John Cena is a PR Man. He is a great hype man for whatever he is backing. Cena has mostly a good guy image. Huge kid following and one of the leading merchandise seller in the WWE.

Cena 's screen time does not require that much screen time. Most of the movie can be carried by the kid actor playing Billy Batson (Shazam's alter ego). When on screen Cena can be well himself. John Cena is pretty much a Superhero now, not a big stretch.


What WWE Superstar should play Shazam against The Rock as Black Adam

WWE Studios can co-produce this. WWE has been for years blending their stars into movies. WWE has co-produced movies with other studios before. This would be the perfect fit. Just imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin as the old Wizard Shazam!

Cena's contract is rumored to be up by time the movie is released. So who knows.

It does seem plausible. All this is just rumors.

If not Cena what WWE Superstar would be a great Shazam???


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