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OH. MY. GOD. Give me a minute guys. I'm hyperventilating. Did that really just happen?! If this episode is any indication of the caliber of the finale, were in for a ride of epic proportions. Ok, let's get to this weeks review!

Season 3 Episode 17: The Team

Picking up from last week, the human members of the team were taken down by Iron Chef Inhuman. Daisy and Lincoln set out to assemble the Secret Warriors in response. Then Daisy gives the greatest pep talk ever. She has SUCH a way with words!

The warriors arrive and split up. Lincoln finds Malick, Daisy finds the plane, Yoyo finds the team, and Melty Man... does... something? That really could have been clearer.

Anyways, the team leaves on the plane with Malick, only to find that the Inhuman I call Secrets In Their Eyes is hiding on the plane. He eye freezes Lincoln but Melty stabs him with a pipe.

Back at the base, Coulson begins interrogating Malick who tells him about Hive killing his daughter. Remember that time that Hive killed Malick's daugher by creepy alien tongue kissing her? After breaking to another Daisy and Lincoln fight (so many couple issues! Am I right?) Malick reveals how Hive works and then Coulson goes all secrets and lockdowns. The team believes one of the warriors is Hive!

Meanwhile, Fitz-Simmons discover the infection in Secrets In Their Eyes and cause the power to go out so the doors will lock for good. They find Malick's door open with him dead inside laying next to a bomb which goes off and destroys all of the evidence.

After being cornered, the Inhumans fight about the infection, and are later told that Lincoln has been Hived which I never believed, because that would be a boring ending.

There were some sweet moments between Fitz-Simmons and Coulson and Daisy, and I thought "What? So Sparky really is the bug boy?!" Just then, Daisy comes in to comfort Lincoln and he puts 2 and 2 together because he's whiney but he ain't dumb. He asks why she's free from her cell, and suddenly I realized I'm a huge idiot who didn't see that coming at all.

Daisy made a Malick shake (my least favorite milk-shake flavor) because she had been Hived since the Hydra base. Ward bugged her right in the face and then she leaped down to save the day like a perfect little actress. I'm freaking out guys!

Then to cap it all off, she earthquakes the SHIELD base on her way out. What got damaged?! Did everyone die?! Are any of you readers Inhumans that can move time forward to next Tuesday?! What did you think? Do you like bad Daisy? Tell me in the comments!


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