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Andrey Ivanov

I just had to write this.

Despite all the bad rap Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice encountered and the haters, the majority of critics who just won't accept the change for any reason at all, as long as they have their MCU (Marvel child's universe). I don't want to rant on behalf of WB/DC and go throw hate on the MCU. I just want to point out the bad movie from good one. MCU has very few of good movies. Captain America: The Winter soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. Well, to be honest, objective and subjective at the same time, Fox is using that type of comic relief movies to their advantage... and yes, they have bad movies for example: Daredevil, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Wolverine, Elektra, Fantastic Four(all of them). But they are trying to appeal to the world and to showcase that part of the Marvel world to the masses and the darkness that is surrounding that world and what is important to do, what to think and how to embrace our own humanity to save what is left of it. Well, that's the general idea. It's not just mindless fun.


I feel that world is ready for DCEU and the money it earned it's the clear evidence that we are ready for our heroes to come together and to face the ultimate baddies and protect "us" from upcoming evil that is coming. There is another way. There are other heroes and there is another way to portray them and to fit them to this waste comic book movie spectre. As a moviegoer and a superhero fanatic, I found absurd that comic book movies should only be bright and happy or they should be edited in some way that is "normal". To put it this way: "What it is normal? What is your opinion or do you let someone create yours?". Everyone who has seen BvS(not including hardcore DC fans and haters) had the same comic book feel while watching that movie. To be honest, BvS is not for people who are into bright and fun movies. This movie is based on our world and how the world will react to the stronger beings, how will world judge them and what will make them join forces. Become a team, bring us hope, give us a will to fight and find answers that are beyond our questions. BvS nailed that part and we got one of the world's most original movies. The editing is just superb. You feel like reading a comic book while watching this movie. We got Superman who feels like a human being, we got lost Batman in that world and Wonder woman who failed at bringing men to rest and chance at peace. We got Lex Luthor and his diabolical plan as always to make Superman suffer and to prove his point to the core that the world needs his help to save people(at any means necessary). For the first time Lex is not stupid and it's portrayed as an intellectual, bourgeoisie, frustrated and tortured man who has issues. People rant about him, but I see the true nature of that type of person and the real consequences when he is punished for his misdeeds. Doomsday was something worth remembering and the fight is like no other fight in this genre. Epic and pure rage, tactics and the sacrifice that our heroes do to keep us safe. Zack Snyder and WB/DC done their job and they are continuing the road to Justice League and more superhero solo movies. So on that part: CHoo, choo the DCEU train is going and even stronger by each confirming cast in future movies.

you are your own critic
you are your own critic

We are living in a world where critics are creating mold for superhero genre and if something is getting out from that mold and somebody else is creating something greater than that mold, that type of creation has to be stopped. They are aware, that some movies are not fitting their mold and that will hurt their rap and their "artistic creative judgment". Also, those movies will get bashed to the core. Also, we all know and we all are aware that some critics love some directors, companies and they will let anything slip away, even if the movie sucks bad as Ant-men, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor 2, Iron Man 2 and 3, Hulk and the incredible Hulk. Even if the movie is bad they will give those movies a passing grade and collect those abominations to their opinion of: "Superhero movie should look like this.". The majority of the critics is thinking that superhero movies should be fun and full of humor, lightheartedness and fit for all type of age. Needless to say that they are not comic book readers and they do not appreciate the comics or the source material. They don't feel as we feel about comics and adaptation of our heroes and this huge DCEU world. They won't accept that there is another approach to the superhero genre because if they do that, they will erase the importance of their previous conclusion. They don't care and they are paid to give their opinions about movies. It's their judgement against yours. Now, ask yourself: How it is possible that some people has power over your taste? Are you that amount of lazy to form, as we humans call opinion and what is wrong with you when you are listening to others and judge something that you don't know about it. You can also ask yourself: How come that somebody is living out of nothing and creating a general opinion to the dull masses. The masses that are not fit to process new information and to process something new. Honestly, that is nothing new to us people, just now it's much easier to see trough the internet. To be fair, there is a lot wrong with movies today. Can we just sit for a moment and ask the question. Why is that? How come that something so small can influence a lot? This thing can create false attitudes and false questions and answers. How come that majority of the people is letting that type of behaviour slip and accept that as correct or false. How come that we are beheading new, but at the same time accepting negative new. Because of the word of some people who have their opinion and they had the opportunity to create theirs(real or not).

At least that is what we owe to ourselves. To have an opinion and that is what we should do as the family of the thinking part of this planet. I am not saying that Batman v Superman is perfect movie or Man of Steel. But they are mine perfect movies and no one can say or make me think different. No one could influence over me and make me feel different.

There is a lot wrong with this world and the different cinematic universes are not its problem.


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