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Man, I really miss the VHS. I was born right around the time the VHS was being threatened by the rise in popularity of its number one competitor, the DVD. You could still find VHS tapes everywhere, but it was pretty clear that the device didn't have much time left.

Fast forward to the late 00s, and the DVD itself came face to face with its eventual killer, the Blu-Ray Disc! Nowadays, it's all about Blu-Ray, even classic movies get remastered Blu-Ray editions!

Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather have the beautiful and clear technology of the Blu-Ray, than the fuzzy and often extremely fragile VHS tape. But there's something incredibly nostalgic about the "Be Kind Rewind" nature of the VHS. I's why I still own a ton of VHS movies today! And it looks like I'm not the only one who misses the VHS era.

Do you remember when the Deadpool Blu-Ray was announced? There was a pretty funny picture of Deadpool holding VHS and Laserdisc versions of the movie. May 10 is when we'll be getting the Blu-Ray version of the movie. But for most fans, the VHS version was nothing but a throwback gag.

Not for Imgur user SgtMichaelCross, who, with his skills and super-fan determination, created an actual VHS cover for Deadpool!

Oh the nostalgic glory!
Oh the nostalgic glory!

Using an old Batman VHS cover, a fan-made DVD cover (resized for VHS) and a ton of arts and crafts, the Sgt made this incredible cover to show off his love of Deadpool and the VHS!

Anyone who's seen a VHS cover can preach to how genuine this looks. If the front doesn't convince you, just check out the back!

He's got the VHS aesthetic down pat! Of course, SgtMichaelCross has only made a cover for now, but he hopes to fill it with the movie converted into VHS format—hopefully with a red VHS (fitting)!

I've got to say, this is some incredible determination, and I don't think anyone can doubt his love for D-Pool or the VHS. It's just shame that not everyone will be able to watch the movie this way.

That's why I absolutely think that movies should start coming in VHS format again! Sure, it isn't the best way to watch a movie, but how great would it be to have the option again? Just imagine watching Captain America: Civil War, or X-Men: Apocalypse, or any other kind of movie you're excited for, on the device from your childhood!

We may be constantly moving forward with video technology, but that doesn't mean we should leave the past behind. Bring back VHS, bring back Laserdiscs, heck, bring back Sony Walkman's while you're at it! They'll never work, but you'll look cool attempting to listen to the Batman v. Superman score with zero skips!

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What movies do you want to see in VHS format?

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