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Fans of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D know that Grant Ward, one of the main characters on the show died in the midseason finale. Since then the Inhuman Hive has been wearing Grant Ward's rotting corpse like a meat suit. For a few episodes it almost didn't even look like the Grant Ward we all knew and loved to hate.

He was sporting the imprint of Coulson's hand print on his caved in chest and a bullet hole in his shoulder as he paraded around Malik's base, possessing his Inhumans one by one. He then gathers a group of humans and consumes them in a dust storm, healing Ward's body.

My question is whether Hive's ability healed the real Ward. The actor and writers have confirmed that Ward is alive inside Hive. If they can remove Hive from Ward's body will Ward's character return? I mean there has been no mention of Brett Dalton, the actor who plays Ward, leaving the show or even having any interest on leaving.

If they did manage to dispel Hive and Ward survived, what kind of Grant Ward are we looking at?

This week on Shield they revealed that Hive's parasitic nature damages the brain, but nothing irreversible. Could Ward suffer brain damage and return to a character we saw earlier on in the show? There isn't much they can do unless they really are planning to get rid of Ward in the finale but seeing as they've already shown that they are killing a member of the team (my guess is May. They've gotten a good run out of her story with her ex husband and everything but she really hasn't had much to do lately) would they really want to kill another of the characters that has been on the show since day one?

I am personally a fan of the complex character. He put his trust and loyalty in the wrong people and eventually it led him down a dark and twisted path. As Ward was before Coulson caved in his chest there wasn't much of a future in his character but if the damage they show Hive's parasites effects his brain he may be brought back to an earlier state where he wasn't so blinded by rage and revenge.

Maybe a version of Ward earlier on in the series while he is still developing feeling for Skye/Daisy could be reasoned with or rehabilitated.

Either way this second half of the season is proving to be much more entertaining than the first half.


Who do you think or want to die in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D finale?


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