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Dawn of Justice is the first DCU movie to start up this shared universe and here is my personal opinion on it.

I think they are slow out the gates, They're trying to play a catch up game with marvel and I think that has done them the most damage.

Spoilers For Batman V Superman!

  • The Good -

  • Batman! Ben Affleck (In my opinion was lit as Batman, he was a darker more war hardened version of the classic character, the way he fights the way he carries himself and the way he looks was perfect for me and he took the top spot as the best on screen Batman to date.
  • The setting, it actually worked for this movie after Man Of Steels destruction the world is split on Superman some love him, worship him and some don't trust him I liked that side of things.

The Bad -

  • This first one isn't even my own opinion I personally liked him but Alot of people were up in arms against Luthor, there isn't Alot I can say about it as I did personally enjoyed the character but I understand where people could be annoyed he was very different from any Lex we have seen before.
  • The plot was messy. Really, really messy.

  • Doomsday was Badly explained and honestly really forgettable, he wasn't a great villain for such a big movie.

The Ugly -

  • The shoe horned in justice league bullsh**! Yes we are getting a Justice League movie and they need to do some set up but holy crap was this stuff just forced in. Some bizzare scene which throws you out of the movie involves Batfleck and files that have been stolen from Luthor in which he had been studying "MetaHumans" now if they left it here I might not have minded so much but they throw in a load of weird badly done found footage style videos of each Justice League member and it just feels forced in and fake!

  • Ok for me this is the worst *Spoiler Alert* Superman is killed by Doomsday but let's face it he's coming back. Obviously he's going to come back. I just hope they have a reason for him to die other than for it to be a big lackluster reveal in the Justice League because the 10 minutes they showed of people mourning him and his funeral could easily have been used for better things. Honestly I would rather he stayed dead just so the end of that movie wasn't a complete time waste.

What did the rest of you think of BVS?

Thanks for Reading! - Derek


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