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Varia Fedko-Blake

He may have been around for a while now, but Ashton Kutcher is still one of the biggest babes in Hollywood. In lieu of this, here are nine of his hottest moments to keep up warm on those cold and lonely nights:

1. That time when he was just hanging out half-naked on the 'Killers' film set

2. When he was this flawless diamond in the rough

3. When he got up close and personal with Alessandra Ambrosio and it was everything

4. When he was the perfect mascot for the movement

5. When he grew his locks and we wanted to get all tangled up in them

6. When he wore this lovely hat and our hearts skipped a beat

7. When he threw this ball and we couldn't stop looking at his glorious arms

8. When he looked like an old pensioner and we still loved him for it

9. When he was sexiest DILF around

What's your favorite Ashton Kutcher role?


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