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If you were a kid growing up in the '80s or '90s, chances are you loved at least one or two of the comedic classics directed by Rod Daniel. It was announced last night that Daniel had died on the weekend at the age of 73, at his home in Riverside, Illinois.

Born in Nashville in 1942, Daniel's career as a filmmaker didn't begin until he was 42 when he helmed Teen Wolf (1985), the story of a high school average Joe (Michael J. Fox) who discovers that he inherited the werewolf gene from his father. Despite a mixed critical response, the movie made $80m off a tiny $1.2m budget and — coming out the same year as Back to the Future — it made Fox into a genuine superstar.

(Note: It has nothing to do with the MTV series featuring Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey.)

Other notable movies from Daniel's career include K-9, in which two San Diego police detectives team up with a dog to catch a drug dealer, and the TV movie Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House. He also directed episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and Men Behaving Badly.

After 2002, Rod retired from filmmaking and instead chased his passion for photography, while bravely battling a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. He is survived by his wife, Marti, his two sons, John and Lucas, and his grandson, Ethan.

What's your favorite Rod Daniel movie?


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