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After director's Brian Howard and Rich Moore confirmed that they believed it was entirely possible that Zootopia and the much beloved Disney Robin Hood exist in the same universe, the cogs in many a fan's head have been whirling, trying to figure out just how they could be linked — and this one theory is totally adorable.

Tell me more!
Tell me more!

But first, let's rewind a little bit for those who didn't catch Howard and Moore entertaining a link between the medieval Robin Hood and the modern-day Zootopia back in 2015.

In an interview with Coming Soon, a curious fan fired a pertinent question about the upcoming animated animal's heritage by asking the co-directors:

"If I’m in the universe of 'Zootopia' and I go back in time, did Disney’s 'Robin Hood' actually happen?"
What did Robin Hood see in the crystal ball?
What did Robin Hood see in the crystal ball?

Although Howard wrote that the fan was "the first to propose that idea, he was pretty stoked with the idea, and Moore went on to add:

"Right. So 'Robin Hood' could have taken place in, like, the middle ages. That’s a neat idea and it makes sense"

Howard went on to proclaim it a pretty good idea before suggesting other movies that could have occurred in the timeline between medieval and modern-day Disney:

"Yeah, that’s pretty good. Maybe, Silas. Could there be anything else? 'Wind in the Willows?'"
Don't get too excited, Mr. Toad
Don't get too excited, Mr. Toad

Although Wind in the Willows was dismissed because some humans appear in the universe, Howard went on to give the theory a big fat seal of approval by saying:

"But 'Robin Hood' is still good! I actually love that idea. That’s awesome."

Obviously, this endorsement of the "same universe" theory has spawned plenty of fan theories, and although they are obviously just pure speculation, this one by Redditor PawnMicama is pretty damned cute.

Almost this cute...
Almost this cute...

He/she proposed that Wilde's thirst for justice and rebellious nature has been handed down to him through generations of brave pioneers who weren't afraid to think outside the box because he is a descendent of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Micama writes:

The fight for justice never left Nick's blood. As we saw he wanted to belong to a group and do good things, but society ridiculed him.

Similar to his great-great-great-grand farther, Nick went to the black market and shady dealings.

And as the picture below shows, there is definitely a big family resemblance between the two, even down to those wolfish facial expressions.

The theory also proposes that Judy is a descendant of Skippy and points at their shared rural roots as proof of a possible link, Micama writes:

After the events of King John's reign, Skippy family was able to afford land and make a farm. This lasted all the way into the New world, where Judy's family are still farmers. Like her Descendant, Skippy, She also believed in Justice and fighting wrongs.Brave and quick, she became a Police officer.

Although there isn't much to go on here, I can't help but think it would be super adorable if these fast friends were descendants of each other.

Do you think 'Robin Hood' and 'Zootopia' could be linked?

(Source: Reddit and Coming Soon)


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