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Looking like the lovechild of Dolly Parton and Helen Mirren, Hollywood chameleon Patrick Stewart showed a bolder, brassier and, er, broader side to himself on Monday evening while donning a satin hot pink power suit, platinum blonde wig and a full face of make-up.

Dame Patty Stewart, as he will be known from hereon in, was joined by his Blunt Talk co-star, Adrian Scarborough — who, I should add, also looked fabulous in black velvet and a strawberry blonde wig — to promote their show during an event at Hollywood’s Lindwood Dunn Theater.

Before taking to the stage, the glittering glamazon shared the below teaser on both Twitter and Instagram accounts:

Looking fit to guzzle champagne while chaining a thousand Marlboros, Dame Patt's new diva vibe, as you can imagine, turned a few thousand heads. And, of course, those heads LOVED what they saw.

From celebrity comparisons:

To brow-based compliments:

To general praise:

And, most importantly, to excellent TV spin-off suggestions that NEED to happen:


What do you make of Dame Patty's look?


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