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When Daisy Ridley catapulted into our lives in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we couldn't have been more glad. The epic project not only allowed the feisty British actress to break into the fast-paced world of Hollywood, but to also to showcase her outstanding acting chops. Relive it all in the movie's trailer:

And with this in mind, we can rest assured that Daisy is most definitely destined for bigger and greater things.

It has just been announced that the actress will be returning to the big screen and working once more with director J. J. Abrams. Yet this time, she's be gracing us with her presence in a galaxy much closer to home.

The pair are planning to form a team again for Kolma, a fantasy thriller based on Keren Margalit's 2003 movie titled All I've Got. And if that doesn't ring any bells, don't worry. To put it very simply, the movie is set on being a more mystical version of The Notebook and the 1991 fantasy romance Defending Your Life. The latter follows a story of a young couple who get into a deadly car accident that leads to a man's death. Years later, the older version of the woman must make a difficult decision on whether to reunite with her long-lost lover or go back in time to the terrible day itself. Intense stuff, I'm sure you'll agree.

Ridley with Abrams
Ridley with Abrams

Currently, all we really know is that the project will be directed by Marielle Heller (Diary of a Teenage Girl) and produced by Abrams's Bad Robot. The budget is set to be mid-range at around $60 or $70 million, or as The Wrap put it:

Enough to allow for impressive visual effects while keeping the scale of the film relatively modest.

One thing's certain though, Daisy better prepare to expertly shed some more tears for the role — this one's going to be a real tear-jerker. Thankfully, she's already a pro at channeling those emotions. Here's her Force Awakens audition, for example:

Although there won't be any lightsabers or Millenium Falcons in Kolma, I'm sure she'll still deliver an insanely awesome performance.

Are you excited to see more of Daisy Ridley?



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