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The MCU doesn't always follow the comics!
The MCU doesn't always follow the comics!

So, Here it is!

There are lots of reasons Cap could die in Civil War, He did in the comics, shortly afterwards the Mantle was taken up by Bucky but the MCU doesn't always follow the comics maybe they will flip this on its head and Iron Man will be the one who bites the dust but I doubt it.

So far in the trailers it always seems to be a one sided affair, Iron Man always seems to he the one taking the beating, catching the bullet but then again trailers are famous for being misleading, also the story seems to be leaning towards Tony being in the wrong yet again maybe Cap dying will be the final straw for him? Maybe this is the most dramatic way of saying out with the old and in with the new? It would be the perfect way to do it, Introduce new characters while the 2 older grizzled avengers put up their gloves for the final time and go toe to toe with each other until one unfortunately dies.

Marvel really need to step up their game with risk aswell they need to remember people will stop caring if they think that the avengers are immortal they happily killed Quicksilver in Age of Ultron with no fan fair because people hadn't become attached to that character yet.

Still I don't think Iron Man or any of his Avengers are going to take Rodgers life, I think that responsibility will lie with Crossbones and Baron Zemo, I think that Iron Man will have caused the situation in which Cap dies though and I think it would be a perfect time for Iron Man to break down and dissappear for a while leaving the new avengers to pick up the pieces and maybe try to exact revenge.

I don't think Captain America should die though I think the mantle should move on to Bucky or Falcon, who would then lead this new team of avengers through phase 3 and into the Infinity war where Iron man would hopefully return to help out imagine that as a character moment, Bucky or Falcon having to go to this man that they despise for help because the challenge is to great to conquer without him.

I'd like to think Iron Man will be a hero in the end but phase 3 is going to be a dark one for him.

Thanks for reading leave your phase 3 predictions below!



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