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With the release date perpetually being pushed back, season 2 of Attack On Titan has definitely been a long time coming. However, it should air later in 2016, though it's difficult to get a straight answer about when exactly that will be.

But if you're desperate for more Shingeki No Kyojin, fear not! Thanks to the immense popularity of the franchise, there are spin-offs and OVAs galore to keep us occupied until that all important Season 2 release date. Here's what you should definitely check out, and where to find it.

'A Choice With No Regrets' - Levi Prequel OVA

Ever wonder about Levi's backstory? How he came to be the Titan-destroying neat-freak we know and love? Well, wonder no longer. Just after the No Regrets spin-off manga was published, an OVA adaptation was released. The story follows Levi's early days in the Underground District, as he worked with a gang of thieves. I don't think I can sum it up better than this Redditor...

Yep, pretty much.

Where can I watch it? KissAnime has both episodes of the OVA. For now they're only available as a sub.

'Ilse's Notebook' - OVA

Ilse Langner in the OVA.
Ilse Langner in the OVA.

Again set before the main events of Attack On Titan Season 1, Ilse's Notebook follows Hanji, Levi, and Erwin on one of their expeditions outside the wall, as Hanji endeavors to capture a Titan without any casualties.

We get an insight into her mission as well as Levi's opinion of it, but most interesting of all is the discovery of Ilse Langner's corpse, along with her journal. In the notebook the young soldier had documented her time in the Survey Corps, including her final moments with a talking Titan — who mentions Ymir by name. Intriguing.

Where can I watch it? All episodes of the OVA sub are compiled in this YouTube playlist.

'Attack On Titan: Junior High' - Spin-Off

All the characters as chibi junior high students.
All the characters as chibi junior high students.

Enough of the heavy stuff! This spin-off anime floats somewhere between cute alternate universe and all-out parody. In this version of the story, the characters attend Titan Junior High, and have to fight off invading Titans who are terrorizing the schoolchildren by stealing their lunches. Harmless, hilarious fun.

Where can I watch it? Funimation has both the sub and the dub available to stream on their website.

Western Anthology Comic

Preview art for the anthology comic.
Preview art for the anthology comic.

Ok, this is less something to catch up on, more something to look forward to, but it's pretty exciting. The American distributor Kodansha Comics has teamed up with a myriad of Western comic creators to compile an anthology of original Attack On Titan stories. The idea is to give readers an insight into the other tales to be told within this fictional world, although the characters you know and love will appear too.

Where can I read it? It's due to be released in October this year, but ComicBookResources gave us a sneak peak a few months ago.

'Attack On Titan' - PS4 Game

Mikasa in the 'Attack On Titan' PS4 game.
Mikasa in the 'Attack On Titan' PS4 game.

Released in Japan to rave reviews, the Attack On Titan official game retells key moments from Season 1 of the anime, as well as adding in some scenes from the manga which will feature in Season 2. The gameplay is supposedly very smooth, with the controls perfectly mimicking the soldiers' 3D maneuver gear.

Where can I buy it? The game will be released to US and Europe stores in August, but you can watch gameplay of the first appearance of the Ape Titan on YouTube.

What other 'Attack On Titan' spin-offs would you recommend? Tell us in the comments!


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