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Mickey and Minnie Mouse have undergone a major makeover and tossed their familiar red garments to the wind to unveil a new look that could be rolling out to Disney parks all over the world in the upcoming months.

Disney is all set to open a new park in Shanghai in the next few months and multiple sources have been showcasing brand new costumes that show a redesigned Micky and Minnie, as you can see in the Tweet below:

While they are unmistakably the characters that we know and love, their are some noticeable changes in both the facial and wardrobe department. Most obviously, they have swapped their trademark scarlet color palette for some jazzy blue and pink glad rags.

They are also slightly more tan in color, with eyes that seem more oval in shape and closer together. Minnie has also lost her trademark blue eyeshadow, because let's face it, no self-respecting fashionista would be wearing that these days. Check out a full-length shot in the Tweet below:

The big news here is that, if these are indeed the official Shanghai mascots, these will be the new Mickey and Minnie Mouse around the world, including in American parks.

Disney follows strict “character integrity” rules, so if a character changes in one park anywhere in the world, all the rest must follow — you don't want those unassuming kids learning that Mickey Mouse is a brand and not a singular entity, now do you?

Of course, this isn't the first time Mickey and Minnie have had a makeover throughout their long history, and trust me, change can be a good thing. Just look at these early mascots...


Do you think it's time that Mickey and Minnie got a fresh new look?

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