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As we've been eagerly awaiting the Gilmore Girls Netflix reboot, it's given us plenty of time to reflect on the best (and worst) of the series. The following is a painstakingly considered list of the 10 Gilmore Guys in order of awesomeness.

10. Jason

Perhaps the only one of Lorelei's mate's that could keep up with her verbally, Jason was still a smooth-talking loser. He went beyond confidence into pure arrogance, and wasn't actually a very good person. Emily was right about him all along. See ya, Digger.

9. Christopher

Definitely one of the handsomest TV dads, Christopher still finds himself at the bottom of this list for one simple reason: he blew it. He had a chance with Lorelei in the episode with Sookie's wedding, and he decided to go with Sherry instead. Big mistake. Their relationship never truly recovered.

8. Dean

Oh, Dean. It's not your fault that you are consistently everybody's least favorite of Rory's love interests. You were the best first boyfriend we could have asked for, but then you had to go and get married to that insipid Lindsay. Then there was the whole affair fiasco. You look great in your construction worker outfit, but you didn't seem like you'd ever be able to keep up with Rory in a million years. Which is why you're down here at Number 8.

7. Jackson

Maybe not the aesthetically hottest of the Gilmore Guys (unless you're into the beanie-capped vegetable guy look) but Jackson is an all-around winner. He's a great husband, father and business partner... although he did lie about getting a vasectomy and accidentally got Sookie pregnant again, so Number 7 seems like a fair score for him.

6. Luke

Luke and Lorelei's will-they-or-won't-they relationship provided one of the central conflicts of the show. He was such a great friend to Lorelei, always so protective of Rory. At first, it all seemed too good to be true, with Luke discovering his deep feelings for Lorelei with his self help audio books and telling her he was "all in". But when things got difficult, where was he? Not reassuring his fiancé, that's for sure. I'm sure it was hard discovering that he had a secret daughter he didn't know about, but he should have been trying harder to work with Lorelei as a team, not pushing her away.

5. Dave

Now Dave was actually the best first boyfriend ever. He kept up with Lane's crazy secret-keeping and sneaking around on her mother, but somehow managed to do it in a way that was impressive and endearing rather than devious. He pretended to be a Christian guitarist (although by the end, was he really pretending?) in order to spend more time with Lane. And he read the whole Bible for her. That's a labor of love, right there.

4. Zack

After Dave moved to California (to star on The O.C.), it seemed like Lane would never love again. It certainly didn't seem like she would fall for either of her other band mates: geeky Brian or dim-witted Zack. Then all of the sudden, dim-witted Zack became endearingly slow Zack, and Lane was buying contacts and saving herself for marriage. He ditched the other floozies and wrote a hit song with Mrs. Kim, and Zack and Lane managed to grab their happily ever after well before the final season ended. In a show where most of the characters are talking a mile a minute, sweet, simple, rock-n-roll Zack was a welcome (comedic) relief.

3. Jess

Jess goes to Hollywood.
Jess goes to Hollywood.

Oh, Jess. Rory and Jess. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet, if Romeo had treated Juliet like garbage. I know — he's scared of love, afraid of his own feelings, doesn't want to get too close, blah blah blah. The bottom line is, Rory put herself wayyyyy out there for him, and he would barely even meet her half way. He wouldn't get his act together to finish school (how hard was public high school in Stars Hollow, seriously?), and he bailed on her without even saying good-bye. Then he showed up at her dorm asking her to run away with him!? What is that about? This isn't the movies, Jess! She can't just ditch her life and everything to go run away and be a starving writer with you. SOME PEOPLE have responsibilities, mister!

Still, they had totally crazy chemistry, and he's got those soulful brown eyes, and he kind of turned his life around later on, and that's enough to earn him the Number 3 spot on this list.

2. Logan

It's hard not to love this charming bastard. Spoiled? Yes. Arrogant? Yes, but less so as the series moved on. Smart enough to keep up with Rory in every respect, and humble enough to send a coffee cart and fling himself off a cliff after he did wrong (okay, maybe he didn't fling himself off the cliff for Rory exactly, but the effect worked out to be the same). He may have started off as a player, but by the end of the series he was willing to commit all the way. The only mistake he made was that he pushed Rory to marry him before she was ready, and then his ego couldn't take the hit when she said no. *sigh* Maybe he'll have matured by the time the reboot comes out on Netflix?

1. Max

Oh, Mr. Medina! You seriously did NOTHING wrong. He was the best boyfriend to Lorelai and a great stepfather to Rory. He probably would've been Emily-approved, too. He was smart, charming, and handsome. He and Lorelai had crazy chemistry, and he really seemed to love and respect her. It broke our collective hearts when she decided to cancel the wedding. It would have been so satisfying to watch him and Lorelai pair off for good back then and live happily ever after, but then the show probably wouldn't have lasted as long, would it?

Who was your favorite Gilmore guy?


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