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Varia Fedko-Blake

It's often said that as ladies get older, they sometimes lose their looks. Yet for men, it's a completely different story.

With age, gentlemen mature like a good wine, sprouting some seriously sexy silver locks to boot. The following 11 celebrities are no exception -- here are Hollywood's foxiest guys over fifty:

1. David Duchovny

Age: 55

2. Brad Pitt

Age: 52

3. Johnny Depp

Age: 52

4. Alec Baldwin

Age: 58

5. Bruce Willis

Age: 61

6. George Clooney

Age: 54

7. Denzel Washington

Age: 61

8. Kevin Costner

Age: 61

9. Pierce Brosnan

Age: 62

10. Jeff Bridges

Age: 66

11. Daniel Day Lewis

Age: 58

Which over-50s hunk rocks your boat?


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