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Now, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may not have been all that well received by fans and critics alike, but even its harshest critics would surely grudgingly acknowledge that a whole lot of work went into making the thing. Sure, it may have made millions of people the world over absolutely livid, but it did so from a place of tireless effort and genuine emotional investment from its creative team, rather than out of indifference or malice.

Director Zack Snyder in particular - arguably the most heavily criticized cog in the Batman v Superman machine - can hardly be labeled lazy, with his fingerprints clearly all over the movie, right down to the fact that...

There Was a Hidden Message On Wonder Woman's Sword in 'Batman v Superman' That We All Missed

Specifically, as recently revealed in the Batman v Superman Tech Manual, it seems that Zack Snyder and Prop Master Doug Harlocker had a linguist come up with a whole new language, just so they could sneak a line Snyder liked onto Wonder Woman's sword.

The quote in question? Well, it comes from Joseph Campbell's book Goddesses: Mystery of the Feminine Divine, and goes a little something like this:

"Life is killing all the time and so the goddess kills herself in the sacrifice of her own animal."

What's more, that eagle on the base of the blade? That was added in as part of Wonder Woman's intended 'eagle' motif, as a supporting feature to her bird-tinged chest plate.

In other words? If Wonder Woman and friends end up being rescued by a bunch of giant eagles at the end of her solo movie, you now know exactly who to blame.

What do you reckon, though?


How do you feel about Wonder Woman's secret sword language?



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