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Over the last week or so, the news of Spider-Man: Homecoming has had the comic book community as well as movie goers making all sorts of speculations. Who will Michael Keaton play (I say Ezekiel)? Will Robert Downey Jr. make an appearance? Will they show Uncle Ben dying again (we don't need another Spider-man origin)? And more importantly, who will the villains be? I have four ideas that would make for great Spider-Man villains and where to find their best representations.

Venom and Carnage:

Let's get right into the one thing everyone seems to love. The symbiotes Venom (Eddie brock) and Carnage (Cletus Kasady). Two of Spider-Man's most annoying villains. Eddie hates Spider-Man for making him a laughing stock among his peers as a journalist. When he bonded with Spider-man's old symbiote, the combined hatred the symbiote had for Peter Parker grew and turned them into the hate filled Venom. Then there's Carnage. Cletus Kasady was already psychotic. Adding a symbiote to a cereal killer was just overkill (pun intended). Carnage doesn't use webs and he isn't as strong as Venom. What Kasady lacks in those aspects he makes up for in creativity with the suit. He uses it to create a variety of sharp weapons that it makes him even more dangerous than Venom on his best day.

What's great about these two is that you don't have to have Venom fighting Spider-Man the entire movie. Venom is more anti-hero than he is villain. A movie could be based around the Maximum Carnage story arc where Carnage and his crew were driving everyone in New York crazy. The story can even include cameos from Iron Fist and Captain America who were both in that particular series.

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Sinister Six:

If you can't beat him, then create a group of like minded C-List villains and attack him all at once (I think that's how the phrase goes). You'd think that even though Spider-Man is out numbered six to one that he'd be at a disadvantage and you'd be right. The problem with that thinking is that Spider-Man has been beating unbeatable odds and disadvantages for breakfast ever since he first put on the mask. Since Dr. Octopus could never actually beat Spider-Man one on one he grabbed Electro, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, and Vulture with the idea of numbers in strength. But they're so self centered that instead of fighting him all at one, they took turns trying to prove who was better. For the record, Spider-Man was better.

Whether the movie is based on the team fighting Spider-Man as a team or individually, it would still make for action sequences. If they decide to go with the individual route, it would be cool to see the last hour with Spider-Man fighting each villain and making quips depending on who he is fighting. If they go with the team assault, then we'd get to see Spider-Man completely dominate them all at once which would be cool seeing him flip around and be as creative as we've seen in the comics. With the Sinister Six comes multiple variations of that team. The Shocker, Venom, Hydro Man, and Green Goblin for example. This was one of the disappointing things about things about not getting Amazing Spider-Man 3. We were teased with the Sinister Six costumes and gadgets.

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The entire Ultimate Universe:

One of my favorite things about Spider-Man jumping into the movies again is that they can use the Ultimate Universe's version of Spider-man villains. Most of Spidey's villains in the Ultimate Universe are better representations of the originals. Dr. Octopus and Norman Osborn are great examples of characters that may be better or look cooler than the original versions of their counter parts. Both are way more aggressive and confident than their counter parts and their new look would work better on the big screen. No rubber costume or cheesy armor for The Green Goblin and Doc Ock doesn't have to be a chunky insecure guy who went crazy after getting his extra arms.

While villains like Kraven and The Shocker were kind of jokes in the Ultimate Universe, that may not be a bad thing. One of the things that bugged me about the movies is that Spider-man didn't fight a lot of villains or bank robbers just randomly during the day. One classic thing is Spider-Man not being able to make appointments because he was chasing The Beetle or stopping The Shocker from robbing a bank. Both of Kraven and Shocker could be glass jaw villains that Spider-Man takes out easily a few times in the movie.

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Every hero has that one villain that pushes them them to their physical limit and beyond. For Spider-Man, that villain is Morlun. At first glance, you might look at him and think that he's a bit of a punk. He wears an overly fancy suit )complete with no collar and a jewel on the top button), he talks like an aristocrat, and moves slow and methodically. But when he hit Spider-Man the first time, Spider-Man said no one has hit him that hard and he's been hit by the Hulk. It took Spider-Man injecting himself with radiation to beat him. But Morlun came back again and the next time they fought, Morlun killed Spider-Man.

It's not just the fight that would make Morlun a good character, it's the story that goes behind it. Morlun feeds off of the essence of an animal totem . In this case, the spider totem that Peter Parker represents. The story can get into how Spider-Man's powers aren't caused by some random accident and Peter Parker was chosen by a higher power to receive his powers. It may be a bit over the top for movie goers, but it could also be a new route since we've all been through the spider bite thing a million times.

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These are just four of the many story arcs and villains that can be used. What are some of the ones that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below.


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