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The name Takaya's Custom Jewelry is fast becoming a codeword for exemplary achievements in geeky excellence, as the company make some of the finest jewelry bound homages to our favorite slices of pop culture.

Like this ring made in the image of legendary Pokemon, Mew:

Or this ring that contains the friggin' Konami code:

But when The Legend of Zelda gets added to the mix is when things get truly wonderful, and this incoming story sells that point exceedingly well.

It's Dangerous To Go Alone

Takayas were commissioned to create an engagement ring for a super Zelda fan named Erin, by her boyfriend John. Due to Erin having quite subtle tastes, Takayas decided to craft this wonderful 18k yellow gold, thin banded ring.

A ring so subtle, you can just about make out the Triforce in three small triangle moissanites on either side of the white topaz centre stone. It's already quite the magical creation, but the magic doesn't end there by a long shot.

It took John the better part of a year to come up with the perfect Zelda themed engagement scavenger hunt, and enlisted the help of all of his and Erin's friends to make the ruse that much more awesome.

There were handmade props...

And iconic costumes...

Navi & Skull Kid
Navi & Skull Kid

John unsurprisingly went all out to display his love for Erin. The hunt began with a friend, dressed up as The Wind Waker's Tetra, taking Erin out kayaking. Then they would later drift into John who would unfurl a sheet that read "Are you ready for an adventure Erin?"

Then Majora's Mask's Skull Kid would appear and kidnap John, leaving a ransom note demanding 50,000 rupees and offering the first location of a clue.

Next stop was a weapons dealer, where Erin had to correctly answer questions about their relationship in order to get her hands on a sword. But answer incorrectly and she would lose hearts. Luckily, she passed! Would've been a bit awkward if not...

Then Erin would move onto an obstacle course near to the site of their first date.

Erin (centre) and her Deku pals
Erin (centre) and her Deku pals

She would have to avoid attacks from the Deku Scrubs (kids of her friends) and their flower bombs, and break the custom made jars to loot rupees!

Old Man
Old Man

Covered in flour, Erin now moved on to a shop fronted by the famous Old Man. Luckily the Old Bro had a change of clothes for Erin to change in to. And it just so happened to be the iconic green tunic of the Hero of Time. Now it was time to take on that pesky Skull Kid.

Final battle
Final battle

At the site of Erin and John's favorite restaurant, Erin finally took down the Skull Kid (who just so happened to be her bestie), and what was waiting for her in the chest?

A wild proposal approaches
A wild proposal approaches

Why John of course, who, with the Zelda ring in tow, proposed in front of gathered friends and family. And seeing as it's dangerous to go alone, she accepted the ring!

Dadada daaaah!
Dadada daaaah!

Man, I can't even.

There we have it, another great moment in geekdom. What a beautiful engagement. And great work from Takayas on that ring!

What do you think?

If you'd like to read more about Erin's adventure, get over here for more images and even more feels, obviously!

(Source: Fashionably Geek, Takayas Blog)


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